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Why don't you have hot air in the heater of my 1991 Toyota Previa?


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2009-07-28 19:38:57
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you will need a new thermostat to cure this problem. ian

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Try and get someone to read the ECU codes, that will tell you if the problem is from the "Knock Sensor". If it is you will need to buy a new one and replace it. They are very expensive and can only be got from a Toyota Dealer. To fit your self Drill a hole under the front seat(Directly above the sensor) and replace from there. If you dont want to drill a hole you will have to drop the engine and that is not a cheap option on a previa.

first of all you have to drain the coolant out then disconnect the battery. then you have to remove the dash and then the heater box but dont forget to remove the hoses under the hood, after you get the heater box out then remove the heater core, just go in reverse order putting it back

You really dont want to use starter fluid on a 91' because it can cause severe damage to your engine

Order a replacement Toyota 4-runner....!!!

If the heater is not working in a 1995 Camaro, there may be one of two issues. Either the heater core is bad or the heater fuse is blown.

i dont know there are like thousands of toyotas out there. i really dont know sorry

you dont. its hydraulic, and its adjusting.

you first have to have a block heater (frost plug heater) instaled on your car... they dont come that way from the factory

why dont my heater put out any hot air,,,,it put out warm for along time ,now its up on my water,,,,dont have any leaks in my car from heater.Type your answer here...

In short, they dont have them as standard. You may have an aftermarket one fitted, which could be either a water circuit heater or diesel fuelled air heater, but nothing is guaranteed.

Because the car needs all the power it can get to start so you heater and maybe radio cut out for a few seconds.

I think you mean without a heater but if you dont the temp for the average tropical fish is 19 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius. coldwater fish will survive with a heater if its at a low temp and so can tropical with a heater at a low temp.

I dont think you could change the Transmission oil for the 1996 Toyota Tercel. Its sealed.

yes it can, but dont really recommend it. if your car starts to over heat and the heater core not there you can not use the heater fan to help cool it down, also if you live in an area where it gets cold you wont have no heat.

why dont u call insurers or whoever sold the car 2 u coz i dont know how to fix 1.

got power to the controls but dos not trun on

it depends on the lug pattern, you just have to try and put them on and hopefully they fit, but if they dont fit dont force anything

AnswerChanging a heater core on a 4 runner with AC requires discharging the AC, removing the dash and then removing the heater box. The job is around 6 - 8 hours for a shop to do.AnswerActually I own a 3.0L not sure about the 2.4L but you dont need to discharge the A/C at all. Basically you need to take the whole dash apart yes, it is fairly easy just remember where the parts go back into place.

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