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Your speakers prolly broke. I had to replace mine after it was around 8 years old. It just happens. Take the door panels off, and it should only be a few bolts to take out the old speakers, then just cut the wires and splice them back together on your new speakers, set your speakers in the brackets and screw back in. And now you have speakers that work!! Hope that helps!

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โˆ™ 2010-06-09 21:09:53
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Q: Why don't your 99 alero door speakers work?
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How do you get the rear speakers to work on a 2000 Alero?

hook the speaker wires up to them and turn the volume up.

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Why dont your 99 Ford Contour speakers work?


1996 radio front door speakers will not work?

Get some new ones

Drivers side speakers in town and country dont work?

check to make sure the wires are good and if the speakers are good

Why does my car radio work but the speakers dont work. they use to work but now they dont?

grounded wire im guessing? make sure all the connections on speakers arnet touching the metal of your car, tey may be grounded causing no sound

For your 4 door speakers in a car how many channel amp do you need?

A 4 channel will work for your door speakers. But the idea setup would be a 5 channel 4 for your doors. Then have 1 channel for a sub.

What size are the speakers in your 1995 Chevy truck?

shoud be 6.75 in door 6.5 will work and 4x6 in rear

How do you do the Penguin at work mission on club penguin D's?

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Is the remote's battery dead?

How do speakers work?

Speakers work by turning eletrical energy into sound. Speakers are an electromagnet that connects to a paper cone which moves the cone which moves the air. This is how speakers work.

How do small speakers work?

the same way big speakers work

Why do my two dash speakers and drivers side door speaker work and the rest don't in my 1998 blazer?

try to check the fuses in the dash, they usually have a couple speakers one one fuse

Brake fluid alero?

it don't work?

You are installing an aftermarket stereo in your 1998 GMC Suburban and everything works right except the two rear door speakers you noticed when replacing the door speakers with brand new high end one?

The GMC stereo has amplified rear door speakers. When wiring up the aftermarket stereo, connect the blue wire on a GM aftermarket harness to acc power and the speakers will work. I did the same thing for mine about 5 years ago. Good Luck...

What size speakers fit your 1996 dodge neon?

I have a 1997 Dodge Neon and the Door speakers are 6 1/2 inches and the back speakers are 6x9 inches... i had to replace the door speakers because they were junk...(so i do know from experience) i replaced the 6 1/2" speakers with lightning audio speakers from walmart! they work great :)

What can you do to fix your Volkswagen beetle soundsystem after the sparkplugs were changed and all of a sudden your speakers dont work?

Check your car fuses.

Why would the amp radio in a 1996 Suburban not be working where the two front speakers are ok but the center two and rear two are not?

According to the connector for the rear speakers is separate from the front speakers. If the connector for the rear speakers is loose or disconnected, the rear speakers would not work while the front ones will. The amp in the head unit (dashboard radio) powers the front door speakers. The rear door speakers and roof (pillar) speakers in the rear are powered by a second amp under the drivers seat. Either this amp is bad or is not hooked up.

Does your 1998 Eddie have a built in amplifier?

i have a 1998 ford explorer Eddie baurer and my rear speakers do not work the subwoofer in the trunk is blown out but that does not explain why my back door speakers are not working i was wondering you could tell me possibly why that is

What are the steps for replacing the speakers in a 98 dodge durango?

Remove the door panel. Unscrew the speakers and then install new ones. replace the door panel. Unless you are replacing them with factory speakers, you'll need adapters. Most stereo places carry universal adapters that will work just fine. You just snap off the plastic sides that you don't need until you get the right size. Also, take the door panels off first and measure the spaces. You don't want to buy speakers that have "cones" to big to fit the space. Otherwise, your door panels will push against them.

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Any set of good speakers will work great with an Ipod.It's only a source.If your speakers work well with your stereo they'll be great with an Ipod.

How do you take off the door panels to get to the speakers in a 2002 Chevy silverado 1500?

I believe In the silverado door panel the steel mesh that surrounds the speakers should easily pop out with a flat head screw driver, then if you unscrew the four screws around the speaker you can drop them out threw the hole to work or replace them.

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Yes, there are wireless speakers that will work outside. Try Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers .

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check switch on driver control panel

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