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helium is lighter than air

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Q: Why dont balloons float with human air like when you blow up a balloon it falls to the groud but when helium gets blown into a balloon it floats?
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Why does a balloon blown up with cold air falls o the ground but one balloon blown up with helium floats upward?

Helium is lighter than air so it floats. Cold air is fairly "heavy'" so it sinks to the bottom Average density of air + baloon is greater than surrounding air so it falls to highest density option ie downwards.

Can balloons blown up by mouth fly?

No. That requires helium.

Which is stronger A blown up balloon or a balloon waiting to be blown up?

I'm not very sure but I think thatthe balloon waiting to be blown up would be stronger, because inflated balloons can often pop easily.

Did any change happen to the shape and the volume of a balloon when air was blown into it?

The balloons shape changed and went through an outward distortion. The volume of the balloon expanded as air was blown into it.

Name of gas in air baloon?

If air is blown into a balloon then it will be full of air.If you want the balloon to float up then the gas you fill it with is not air but helium.[However please note that if a helium balloon escapes, it may burst and fall back to earth over the sea where it can harm sea creatures (especially turtles) who try to eat them - so please do not purchase helium balloons]

How long will balloons float filled with exhaled air?

When a balloon is blown up by mouth, it will not float, but fall to the ground. This is because the air inside is the same density as the air outside. For a balloon to float up into the air, it must be inflated with a gas that is lighter than air - such as helium.

What happens to balloons when they are let go?

well it depends what type of balloon it is if it is filled with helium it will float higher and higher until it will pop under the air pressure. but if it a ballon filled with normal air it will just float back down or get blown away if there is wind

What kind of air is used when you blow a balloon up?

When a balloon is "blown up" with your mouth, you are just passing "air" which is mostly Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. When a balloon is blown up so that it can float, then Helium gas is used. Helium gas is lighter than air, allowing the balloon to float. Other gases, such as Hydrogen are also lighter than air, however they are either dangerous or expensive to produce. For example, hydrogen is explosive. Helium is both inexpensive, and inert.

Could you improve your juggling skills in soccer by using a helium filled soccer ball?

No. Helium floats up. but if you meant the mouth blown yes. But you can get those soccer balls inside a net.

Is it possible to put a blown up balloon inside another blown up balloon?


What is a description of a balloon?

A thin rubber felxible bag, narrow at one end. Blown up with air or helium. Typically used at parties and festivals.

How big can a blown up balloon get?

A balloon can be blown up until the pressure of the contained air becomes too great, and the rubber breaks. I can imagine that the volume of air a balloon can hold depends on the size of the balloon before it is inflated, the thickness of the rubber, and the quality of the rubber.Various types of balloons will therefore have different capacities. I would think that an average party balloon could probably hold 3 or 4 litres of air. If you wanted, you could find the radius of the balloon, then calculate the volume (presuming that the balloon is a sphere). You could also fill a balloon with water then weigh it.