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Why dont men like you?



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Humans don't even know themselves 100% so you can't be expected to know what men think of you. You are second guessing the fact men don't like you. I can see a couple not being attracted to you, but not all men. You need to get more self confidence and take time out to know your own weakness (we all have them) and improve upon them. Here are some things men don't like (I am not accusing you of any of them): * You talk about yourself all the time and never ask him or anyone else in your life how they are doing and really listen to what they have to say. * Drinking too, doing drugs or both and acting like an idiot. Men may get into the action, but these are girls they don't take home to mom. * Too easy regarding sexual contact. Meet the guy and squeak the sheets on the first night. Girls that are easy are no competition for men and they take what they want and generally leave. Make him fight for your attention and keep a mystery about yourself. NEVER feel you have to have sex if you don't want too, and refrain from doing so while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or you just feel you should have sex on the first date. * Young women who have sex with several men. * Young women who party it up too much and don't seem to have a brain in their head. * Disrespectful to their family or peers. * Swear too much and use too many 4 letter words. Even if guys laugh and a girl's antics for doing this their respect for that girl goes downhill quickly. It also makes some guys nervous because they never know when this girl with come out with some 4 letter words around the wrong people. * Girls that are always preening themselves and think they're the best looking girl God ever created. * Girls who go out on a date and pick at their food for fear of gaining an ounce. Most guys enjoy a girl 'chowing down' and not paying attention to what she is eating. * Girls with poor hygiene. * Girls that gossip too much. These are a few reasons, but I think you get the general pictures. So now it's time to start thinking about YOU and how you have been acting these days. If you're shy and none of the above and can't seem to interact with guys that well then do something like taking up public speaking courses or theater if you have one in your school. These help to bring your confidence level up.