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How many people break bones from playing Sports?

i dont know the exact amount because it changes.

How many bones in a chicken neck?

i dont have any friends i am rihgt know at home i dont know

Do bones move?

bones dont move BUT if you break a bone or fracture it or ... you know they can move but not usually

What happens to your bones as you grow up?

i francally dont know

How many bones in each sections?

i dont really know that is why i asked you

How many bones in chicken?

32 i guess...but i dont know why you would ever want to know that..

What do you call an animal that has no bones?

a vertibray. the animal has no bones at all for example a worm can bend and not brake hehhehehehehehim nheheheheheheheheeheheheheheheheehehehe i dont know really im just making dis up but i dont know what a vertabrey is.

What is the ecosystem in Antarctica?

i dont know if you know people please tell me i dont know if you know people please tell me

Did Brookelle Bones die?

No we dont know to many fakes out there but so far she is not

How many bones do hares have?

i dont know im the one asking the qeastion

How did the people of china discover oracle bones?

I dont think anyone really knows....we dont know much about ancient china. im writing a legend about oracle bones right now and its really hard cause i have no idea how to write how they figured out how to use oracle bones...i guess i have to make something up but not shure...

Is attached a transitive or intransitive verb?

if you dont know i dont know some people smart people dont even know big booty head

How many people dont smoke?

i dont know i was asking how many dont smoke i dont know the answer if it was my question

How many bones do birds have on there spinal cord?

dont know becuase this website is bad

How do muscles affect bones?

i dont know by throwinng up in your mouth and then killing someone

What is Brookelle Bones' real name?

Her real name is Leah Mckenzie Simmis. I dont know why people think she's called Brookelle or Renee :')

How do people know about dinosaurs?

Because we found their bones.

Do people like moose?

some people do, some dont i dont know why people dont like them but they are cute lolz :D

What do people do in Georgia?

how do i answer this i dont know what it is

Daily life at mission santa cruz?

i dont know but i do know that a giraffe has the same amount of bones in their neck as you i think it is 26.

What are the recorded facts in an experiment?

dont be askin me people dont know

How do blind people know when they are done wiping?

They dont...... no they really dont

How do back bones help a cheetah?

back bones help a cheetah run they cant get far when they dont have back bones. and as you know cheetahs are ONE of the fastest creatures on the planet so if they did'nt have back bones i would not have said that.

Is bone marrow resorption a good thing or a bad thing?

I dont know but i heard u have it in your bones?!

How do the bones that make up the knee joint fit together?

I dont know! Do i look like a scientist?