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If it won't go into gear, it's probably the transmission. You can check the fluid level, but if that's up, the transmission is through. Probably clutch pack or valve body.

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Q: Why douse your 94 accord ex revs but won't go 1st gear vibration 2nd slipping won't go?
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Why is my car slipping out of 1st gear?

my car is not working in 1st gear

What would cause a 4L80E trans in a 94 Chev c2500 to fall out of high gear It isn't slipping?

If it isn't slipping it is downshifting to 3rd gear

How do you replace the gear shift soniold on 1998 Honda Accord?

i have a 1998 honda accord the gear shift is locked...

What would cause a 1989 Honda Accord lxi 5 speed transmission to not go in fifth gear?

1988 accord will not go into 5 gear

Symptoms of low transmission fluid?

your car could be Slipping in and out of gear.

When you put it in first gear it wont do anything but rev?

Your clutch is slipping.

What could it be if there is a clutch pedal vibration in the Vauxhall Astra 1.6?

gear ruber mount is broken makes the gear go down and up making vibration or souns like some is lose

What gear should you drive in 1994 Honda accord?

D4 on an automatic and 5th gear in a manual.

What gear do you drive your 2001 Honda accord ex in?

Do i drive my Accord EX 2001 in D3?

91 Nissan Sentra keep slipping out of 5 gear?

a bad sinkro in the trans

What is code P0730 dodge stratus 2004?

Incorrect gear ratio, the transmission is slipping.

When do you consider that hydralic clutch part has have to replace?

When the clutch is slipping or won't let you get it into gear.

Why is your 1990 Honda slipping out of gear?

Perhaps the problem may be that your Honda's clutch is wearing out.

Why does the gear shift freeze up?

If your gear shift is freezing it could be because your clutch is not longer working. If you have an automatic then your transmission may be slipping.

What causes a Hard shift from first gear to second gear Honda accord?

A hard shift from first gear to second gear in the Honda Accord could be because of a linkage problem with the transmission. It could also be a problem with the transmission screen needing to be cleaned or low transmission fluid.

Why won't your 91 Honda accord take R gear?


What causes a clanging noise when you move your car into gear not while driving the car?

That would be your transmission. It may be slipping, or you may be lossing a gear. Have it checked.

What are Signs of Transmission problems of a 2005 impala?

If it is slipping in gear or any out of the ordinary rough shifting.

Why is your 99 automatic vwbeetle slipping out of gear?

Nothing such problem ever appeared , Get your vehicle serviced !

Why is your Honda accord gear is difficult in get to gear3?

WD40 on the steerinmg wheel

What type of gear oil for a Honda accord ex?

wat trannsmission is it?

A 1984 Honda Accord runs fine until put in gear then engines dies not sure what is wrong?

If the 1984 Honda Accord engine dies when put in gear then it could be due to some faulty wiring.

2004 Ford explorer slipping out of gear while in park?

It could mean that you need Transmission Fluid.

Why is my transmission slipping and sometimes not going in to gear after i changed my CV shaft?

You need to check the fluid level.

What causes a 1988 Buick Reatta front wheel drive with automatic transmission to have a vibration under the seat only when shifting into third gear?

If it vibrates briefly only while shifting, it's probably the transmission slipping. If all other gears are shifting ok, you're about to loose the transmission.