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Delaware has historically done a very good job at enacting business statutes which meet the needs of modern businesses. Delaware was one of the first states to enact LLC and has continued to evolve its laws. For example, Delaware was the first state to create the Series LLC.

However, as appealing as a Delaware LLC can be in some cases, most states have adopted flexible LLC statutes and usually it makes more sense for a small business to form an LLC in the state where it will be doing business.

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Q: Why establish an LLC in Delaware?
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Who is the CEO of Form Delaware LLC?

Form Delaware, LLC is not a company with a CEO and employees. Instead this term is about a way for someone to form a Limited Liability Company in Delaware.

Which state are most llc formed?


What are the requirements to be a llc in Delaware?

After some research, there seems to be many different LLC requirements in Delaware. Please see to this website for some reference:

Where can I find Delaware LLC forms on the internet?

You can fill out the form FREE LLC and you will not be charged for the formation of the LLC. You only need to pay for state fees. Their team will do it for you They can help with other LLC related compliance for a fee, but it's up to you if you want to use them for the other services they will form the LLC even if you don't use them for the other compliance services.

When did the US Congress create Delaware?

Congress did not establish Delaware. Delaware was one of the original thirteen colonies.

Where can I read the Delaware LLC laws of incorporation?

You can find the Deleware LLC laws of incorporation at You can also look at for more information on it.

Is there VTA Trading and Consulting LLC in Wilmington Delaware?

can u please check whether exist company VTA trding and consulting LLC, Delaware, 1220 North market street suite 806 Wlnigton DE 19801

Can a Delaware LLC open a bank account in California?

NOT WITH EASE!....Thats something they don't tell you when you get a Delaware LLC. The only way you can open a bank account in California is the file as a Foreign Company doing business in California. California is one of the only states that require this. So... if you live in California it does not really pay to have a Delaware LLC because you still have to file in California as a foreign company.

Where can I locate information about LLC in Delaware?

The Delaware Code offers specific information about the many aspects of LLC. Visit this site to review the various sub-chapters of the Limited Liability Company Act

How do I go about registering my LLC in the state of Delaware?

I suggest They are a website that offers legal forms for all fifty states along with guidance about filling them out. They have an LLC kit for Delaware that will give you everything you need to know. Yop u can try going tjrough for assistance with registering your LLC. You can also try

What kind of government did the colony of Delaware establish?

constituional monarchy

Where could I apply for an LLC for my tree trimming service in Delaware?

You can set up a company as an LLC directly through the state. Contact your state's commerce or business department for more information. You would have to contact the IRS and apply for an EIN with your companies name. You can then be known under the LLC business name at that point.

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