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Excess sugar produces a very negative water potential and this causes water to move out of the yeast cells into the sugar solution (by osmosis)- the cells become dehydrated, they do not have enough water for cell growth (yeast cells are usually 90% water).

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Why do plants store excess carbohydrates as insoluble starch?

If plants would store the excess carbohydrates as a soluble sugar, it would alter the osmolarity of the cells.

How do hot and cold temperatures affect plant growth?

generally speaking the warmer it is the faster growth would be however there are many plants which can not deal with excess heat and their growth would be stunted

How does the sugar affect the growth of the yeast?

My guess would be that osmotic concentration of the sugar gets so great that the yeast is unable to get enough water for growth.

Can excess of sugar in urine cause tiredness?

i would have thought diabetes may be coming your way!

What happens if you put too much sugar in tea scientific?

You would super saturate the solution and the excess would not stay suspended. Thus the sugar you find at the bottom of your teacup.

What are the harmful affects of sugar?

sugar can suppress the immune system. can produce a significant rise in triglycerides. causes a loss of tissue elasticity and function, the more sugar you eat the more elasticity and function you loose. High intake of sugar increases the risk of Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis... contributes to saliva aciditycan cause a decrease in insulin sensitivity...can decrease growth hormone, can contribute to diabetes and the list is endless. But this is if consumed in excess, the harmful effects of sugar in general would be the hyperactiveness and effects on dental health

What excess fertilizer drains into a lake may occur harming fish populations?

excess nitrogen from runoff would cause excess algae and plant growth, possibly affecting fish populations by decreasing the livable area of the water for fish. the excess algae bloom will deplete oxygen in the water causeing dead zones where there is not enough oxygen for fish to survive.

Would plants grow taller if watered with coffee?

I would say no because plants need water to grow and probably not have growth sped up by caffiene or sugar because plants make their own sugar called glucose.

How does sugar prolong life in cut flowers?

the sugar provides the cut flowers with nurishment they would other wise get from the plants leaves, however to prevent bacteria growth in the vase add a bit of econonika

Would a vampire drink a diabetic's blood?

Vampires are fictional. They can do whatever the author wishes. A diabetics blood would be sweet with excess sugar but then have a metallic tang due to the acetone. I would think that it would not be considered the best sort of blood to drink.

What would happen if plates were incubated for a month longer?

If agar plates were incubated for a month longer than normal the plate would have excess growth all over. Then nutrient from the agar plate would quickly dwindle and organisms would start to die.

If you did not add sugar would the ice cream have frozen faster?

it may or may not freeze faster, but the sugar acts as an antifreeze to suppress the growth of large ice crystals giving the ice cream a creamer texture.

How do you do you true a bike tire?

You tighten and slacken the spokes till it becomes true. This takes a lot of practice, I would recommend getting a book on it .

Why would all the sugar not dissolve in a glass of tea?

In a Solution i.e your tea, only so much sugar can Dissolve. If you put loads of sugar into your tea, it can become a saturated solution. This means that the excess molecules of the sugar have no more room to dissolve into the tea, therefore it just sets at the bottom like sand.More Information:It is possible that enough sugar was added to the tea to saturate it, at which point no more sugar would dissolve, but that takes a lot of sugar. So, it is more likely that more time was needed for the sugar to dissolve. This process can be hastened by inverting the sugar (by adding a bit of lemon juice and/or corn syrup [glucose])

What part of a solution would added sugar be?

Sugar solution would be the solution.Water would be the solvent.Added sugar would be the SOLUTE.

Sugar sugar substitutes What is better?

sugar is better but I would prefer brown sugar

What is the opposite of excess?

I would go with "SCARCE"

Which sentence is gramatically correct - would you pass me the sugar please or would you please pass me the sugar?

would you pass me the sugar please

I neeed a method for rapid hair growth.plz help?

You may want to try consuming larger amounts of protein. I'm going on a bit of a whim, but perhaps if your body has an excess amount of protein - the excess could end up being used in more luxurious ways (e.g. hair growth). I would suggest eating egg whites since the are the most common complete source of essential amino acids. The majority of commercial hair growth products seem to suggest something along these lines - excess protein at the scalp will accelerate hair growth. I tried eating ~80 g protein/day and I did notice a slightly higher hair growth rate within a month. Nothing huge, but still it was faster than before. use birth control crush it and put it in your shampoo. the hormones increase the hair growth.

Is sugar mixed in water a soluble or a solute?

Sugar is soluble in water forming a sugar solution. The sugar would be the solute. The water would be the solvent.

Where in a slant would you observe aerobic growth Where on the slant would you observe anaerobic growth?

In the bottom where there is no oxygen. Growth on or near the surface is aerobic.

What is the name of a single sugar?

It would be a sugar granuale or grain. sugar grain; grain of sugar

Which would not change a potted plants growth?

lack of water and fertilizer would not change the growth

Bulky free flap right heel what is the icd 9 code?

A "bulky free flap" could be defined as thick excess skin that protrudes from the body part to which it is attached. To code, you would look up "Excess Skin", which will lead you to 701.9... Unspecified hypertrophic & atrophic conditions of skin. (Hypertrphy = excessive growth.)

Can you separate sugar and salt by dissolving the sugar?

Sugar will not dissolve. If you have a solution of sugar and salt, and you were to evaporate the water, both sugar and salt would be left. In order to remove either the sugar or the salt, you would have to use a chemical reaction that would cause either the salt or the sugar to undergo a chemical change.