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Because the temperature is higher hence make the boiling and melting point higher.

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How does adding salt to water affect the boiling point and melting point?

... gives higher boiling and lower melting point.

Why do covalent molecules have low melting and boiling points?

Simple covalent molecules have low melting and boiling points because although the covalent bonds between the atoms are very strong, the intermolecular forces between the molecules themselves are extremely weak. Hence this gives them the property of a low melting and boiling point.

What do the unusual properties of water mostly comes from?

Mostly from the fact that there is strong hydrogen bonding between the molecules. This, for instance, gives water much higher melting and boiling points than we'd otherwise expect for such small molecules.

Is a boiling point of a solution higher than that of the pure solvent?

A non- (or less) volatile solute gives a solution of it a higher boilingpoint than the pure solvent.

What break fluid do i use in 2003 Santa Fe?

You can use DOT 3 or 4. DOT 4 gives you a higher boiling point.

A substance X on heating gives B and C What is X a compound or a mixture?

It may be a compound as CaCO3 which on heating gives CaO and CO2, it may be a mixture as mixture of Naphthalene and sand which on heating gives naphthalene and sand.

H2S and H2Te which one has higher boiling point?

Hydrogen telluride (H2Te) has a higher boiling point than hydrogen sulfide, because the hydrogen telluride molecules have a higher molecular weight, and both the telluride and the sulfide are only weak hydrogen bonders, in contrast to water. Water has strong hydrogen bonding, which gives it a higher "effective" molecular weight than hydrogen sulfide, the unit that must be vaporized on boiling consisting on average of several water molecules rather than only one, as with the sulfide and telluride.

A desciption of a characteristic properties that gives at least three examples?

there is no way i can answer this!Some examples of characteristic properties are:Melting PointBoiling PointFreezing PointDensityTemperatureSolubilityMagnetismI hope this helps you!

What is impure matter?

Imppure matter is a substance which contains a mixture of elements- 1. It does not have fixed melting point, boiling point or density 2. t gives more than one spot whenn analysed by chromatography

Does chalk have a low melting point?

chalk gives you wings, red bull gives you diarea

Why does butan-1-ol have a higher boiling point than ethanol?

butan-1-ol is a bigger molecule, it consists of more elements than ethanol. Also the forces of attraction between the elements are stronger than those in ethanol, therefore this gives butan-1-ol a high boilng point and melting point.

Which has a higher boiling point between H2O or H2Se?

Water has a higher boiling point than hydrogen selenide, because the strong hydrogen bonding of water gives it a higher "effective" molecular weight than hydrogen selenide, the unit that must be vaporized on boiling consisting on average of several water molecules rather than only one. The selenide, in contrast, forms only weak hydrogen bonds; therefore, its average "effective" molecular weight in essentially that of a single molecule.

Is dissolution the same as melting?

No, melting is the process of heating a compound until phase change: eg. the melting of the sodium metal Na(s) --> Na(l). Dissolution is the process of dissolving eg. a salt in a solvent - the solvent doesn't change, but the salt breaks up in ions: Table salt in water gives brine: NaCl + H2O --> Na+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + H2O

Will sodium carbonate give oxygen on heating?

sodium carbonate doesn't give any gas on heating. its sodium bi-carbonate which gives co2 on heating.

What is The affect of salt in boiling pasta?

Adding a little salt to the boiling water gives pasta a little taste or flavor.

How do atoms that make up matter affect its characteristics and behavior?

Different atoms making up different matter are what gives the matter its unique characteristics and behavior. The atoms will determine the hardness, color, texture, melting and boiling points, conductivity, magnetism, etc...

Does the capacitor coupling gives the higher gain in case of amplifier?

NO. Transformer coupling gives the higher gain in case of amplifer.

What is the carbon monoxide equation?

twice of CO2 gives on heating twice of CO & O2

Does higher frequency gives best sound quality?

A higher sampling frequency gives better sound reproduction. Up to the Nyquist frequency.

What is inside a bulb?

It is tungstens filament which gives heat and light. Its melting point is very high.

Is it safe to melt polystyrene?

Nope, it gives of noxious fumes. Like melting any plastic.

What are positive and negative effects of ash fall?

positive: gives nutrient soil and gives free heating. negative: kills people and ash is poisonous.

How is natural gas an energy source?

Natural gas is used as a source of heat, from heating homes, to heating water, when something is burned it gives of energy, heat is a form of energy.

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