Why girls can't get pregnant?

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Because they are too young.

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Q: Why girls can't get pregnant?
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When sperms enter then only girls get pregnant?

Confusing question but guys cant get pregnant ahaha

Can mature girls breastfeed each other?

unless there pregnant no they cant! lol

Can you get pregnant by your on sperm?

First of all. Only girls are able to get pregnant. Second of all. If your a girl and you can ejaculate go see your doctor. There is a such thing as girls squirting but I myself have never seen a girl ejaculate semen. So no. You cant get pregnant by your own sperm because you either are a man and you cant get pregnant or your a woman and cannot produce sperm

Can a girl be pregnant just by kissing and hugging kissing all over the body except inserting his penis to the girls vagina?

no a girl cant get pregnant by kissing or hugging

How does late age affect pregnancy?

Because when girls stop having periods, they cant get pregnant any more.

Can female make other female pregnant?

Never. Impossible. It is scientifically proved. Girls has not the sperm. So they cant.

Why teeage girls cant get pregnant?

Teenage girls can get pregnant, but there is more risk of having an eptopic pregnency or a misscarage. That is why your mum tells you to wait until you are oldenough and have finished your education because they cost alot of money and need alot of care and attention.

Do girls get sensitive when pregnant?

Yes,girls get sensitive when they get pregnant.

When can girls can pregnant?

Girls can get pregnant once they've had their period.

Can a futanari get a girl pregnant?

Nope, only boys can get girls pregnant

You say that girls cant get other girls pregnant but why do other sites say you can if this site is right?

Girls odviously can't get each other preganant. Even if those sights say so. This is because girls don't have sperm cells to go into the egg. DAAAAAAA!! every one knows that.

Why the girls pregnant?

girls become pregnant by having sex with another man. girls should only become pregnant when you are married and are fully devoted to your spouse.

Can a pregnant girls get pregnant while she is pregnant?

No. She is all ready pregnant.

What can you eat to get pregnant?

You cant get pregnant by eating anything

If you use alcohol on you're hands and you've touch a semen and it dried over your hands after you wipe off with tissue and you touch the girls vagina could she get pregnant?

its dead u bell end coz its dried so no u cant get her pregnant

Can an unmarried pregnant woman move out of Pennsylvania?

Yesh. But She Cant Go By Plane. Pregnant Women Cant Go On Planes.

Is their more of a chance of getting pregnant when your on your period?

No theres not, you cant get pregnant if your on your period. and after 48 hours your period has stoped you cant.

What if your friend has giving you a strip of her pill is it OK for you to use and not get pregnant even if your boyfriend and you dont use a condom?

Girls, if you use each others pills its okay but you have to make sure its okay to your friend so that she cant get pregnant if she misses a day. You can still get pregnant if you only use it once and its unprotected sex.

Can you get a baby pregnant wh're pregnant?

uh no! ur baby cant get pregnant when its in your womb!

Can you get pregnant by getting fingured?

no you cant a sperm is what gets you pregnant

Cant get pregnant after c section?

No. You can get pregnant after a C-section

Can a girl get pregnant by a girl when on period and still have clothes on?

I don't get it, but girls can't get girls pregnant, fullstop.

Can girls get pregnant at any time?

Girls become pregnant when sperm reaches their egg during ovulation.

Did Justin bieber get Selena Gomez pregnent?

No hes gay and has a girls thing. He cant get a girl pregnant because he dont got a guys thing!!!HAT AND HES GOT NO PENIS!!!

Can a 6 year old get pregnant from a 11 year old?

No Little children like 8 to15 cant get pregnant well and 1 through 15 cant get pregnant