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because they make girls look skinny. If girls wore boyfriend jeans, then their legs would look fat. Yet, skinny jeans, are not skinny and wide as boyfriend jeans, which make girls look SKINNY. (Tight jeans are skinny jeans)

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โˆ™ 2011-05-22 06:45:49
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Q: Why girls wear tight jeans?
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Why do girls wear tight jeans?

Many girls wear tight jeans to show off their curves and flatter their bodies, especially if they hang out with someone they fancy.

Should really skinny girls wear skin tight shirts and skinny jeans?


Why do girls wear tight blue jeans?

It is what they prefer to wear. A fashion statement.Everybody wears clothes that they feel comfortable in.

Why do teen girls wear tight jeans?

For the same reason guys do it - they like the way it looks and it's comfortable.

In France do they wear skinny jeans?

they can wear tight jeans of any brand. They just wear what fits best.

Do boys wear girls clothes?

Yes, skinny jeans and tight hoodies and banana hammocks. yes skinny jeans and tights , skrits

Will it hurt if girls dont wear underwear?

It depends on what you are wearing. Like tight jeans, yes I assume that wouldn't be comfortable.

Why do cowboys wear tight jeans?

cowboys wear tight jeans to protect their legs from poisoin ,weather,and other dangerous stuff.also jeans were a highly fashion choice in the 1800,s of cowboy hood

Do rockabilly girls wear skinny jeans?

Yes Girls and boys both wear skinny jeans and they do look rockabily!!!!!!!

Do girls wear tight pants and spanx?

Some girls do wear tight pants with Spanx underneath the pants.

Should you wear jeans to skate Why?

You can wear jeans to skate but you shouldn't wear jeans that are tight fitting because you need to be flexible when skating. If you are ice skating outdoors, considerer wearing thermals under the jeans.

What can girls wear if they don't like jeans?

If they don't like jeans they can wear jeggings, and leggings

Are skinny jeans for girls?

there are no rules as to who can wear what. both males and females can wear skinny jeans.

How college girls pee when wearing tight jeans?

I didnt know girls did pee

What are the best tight jeans?

The ones that the Jonas brothers wear.

Are you more likely to get Thrush if you wear tight jeans?


Does Jennette mccurdy wear tight jeans?

Yeah I think so because wasn't she wearing tight jeans in the icarly episode ithink they kissed?

Do girls think its hot when guys wear tight jeans?

Depends on body shape size. For a guy in okay to good shape, tight skinnies are cool. Shows off the buttocks too.

How do flabby girls squeeze into tight jeans?

They just try to stuff themselves in the best they can. If not, they get bigger jeans.

What do girls like to wear?

some will wear a mini-skirt or a dress or some very shor shorts or jeans or some tight pants that makes her rear end look sexy

What is traditional clothing for girls and boys in Finland?

I wouldn't say there's any traditional clothing. But many boys wear hoodies, t-shirts and (sometimes not tight) jeans. And many girls wear tight jeans, t-shirts, knits and hoodies.Though there are so many differences no one can list all of them.

Do girls like tight jeans?

all dependes on the type of person

What size does Justin bieber wear in skinny jeans?

he wears a size 4... yes he does wear girls jeans

What did men wear in the 1960's?

men wore tight jeans

What kind of girls do Jensen ackles like?

He likes girls who wear blue jeans and a tank top. The hottest thing for him are little tight boxers because they cover a bit - but not too much.