Genetically Modified Food

Why grow manufacture gm food?


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Genetically Modified crops are used because it makes crops grow quicker. And also because it increases the vitamin and protein levels.


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No, GMO foods do not grow faster.

Supporters approve of genetically modified food (GM food) because they believe any risks would be offset my a huge benefit, and when theres beginning to get food shortages in the world grow larger food faster is only a benefit

Plants manufacture their own food.

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Some supposed disadvantages (none of which have been proven) include that the food is harmful to the environment and/or humans. Overall though, no major health hazards have come to light since GM food was introduced.One of the main disadvantages of GM food is the effect on our body can sometimes be harmful. The same hormones or chemicals used to grow the food can pass into our systems and effect our body. When you see GM chickens, they are often young, but hormones help them grow faster. If this hormone was passed to us by the chicken, young children's growth could eventually be sped up. That's the disadvantage. Hope that helps.....1.Harm to other organisms2.Gm food may cause health problems3.Possible damages to the environment4.GM food may gain undesirable properties

Yes green plants manufacture their own food by photosynthesis.

Heterotrophs are not able to manufacture their own food. This is why they must eat other organisms to get food.

First GM food was Tomato, 1994. First GM crop was tobacco, 1983.

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Genetically modified(gm) food is advantageous because the crops can be made to produce their own pesticides, grow larger amounts of food product per acre, or otherwise be advanced. On the downside, the modifications that have been spliced into the genes rarely stay for more than a single generation. Farmers can not save seed for the next year and must pay the owner of the genetic pattern for every crop's seeds. An additional point against gm food lies in fears, often considered unfounded due to FDA regulations, that declare gm food to affect people differently because of the unnatural alterations.

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People have been modifing food for thousand of years when putting animals that give alot of food with animals that dont and having kids that give more food. No one really invented GM food, many people did bu after discovery of DNA in 1953 GM foods where created more prefesionaly

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