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if it is a power window... the motor is out.... needs replacement

Or the switch for the driver's side is broke/has a lose wire.

Replacing the switch is possible to do yourself, if you have the time.

Having only done this on a 93 Silverado, and owning a non-powered window 92 Paseo, I can only guess at the steps to fix this. If you attempt this BE CAREFUL. It's easy to break things when you don't know what your doing!

This requires power to test. Disconnect the battery while working, and reconnect to test switch.

Remove screws from door panels, until you have full access to switches.

Examine the switch and switch bracket carefully. Remove switch from bracket. You can then swap the passenger switch into the driver bracket. If it works to roll down the window, then you just need to buy a new switch. If not, then it is the motor.

if it is manual.. check to see if the handle is thread.... and pull interior of door off to check window hinges and nobs.. to make sure they are still attached... next check the outer edge of the the window it self... make sure it is sliding properly throught the guided slot on the door.


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