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Why has the story of Anne Frank lasted so long in history?


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Anne Frank's Diary provides a vivid and courageous picture of life as a persecuted Jewish teenager in Nazi-occupied Europe. It has warmth and is well written.

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Anne frank lasted about 2 and a half years in the attic hideout

anne frank studied history, mathematics and English

Yes. There are multiple movies. "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" is one of the better ones, "Anne Frank Remembered" is the most factual one.

Do you mean the story of Anne Frank? I do believe he worked in Opekta a Jewish-Dutch jam company. Do you mean the story of Anne Frank? I do believe he worked in Opekta a Jewish-Dutch jam company.

Tell of her history! Her life story, where her diary was published, how old she was when she died, all of it! (By the way, she was 15 when she died.)

Anne Frank. The reason is, the term protagonist simply means the central or main character in a story.

She was a real person and her real name was Anne Frank, her story really happened just as she described.

Anne Frank played Monopoly when she was in hidingAnne enjoyed doing ballet after darkShe liked to read about history

Anne Frank's story is a true story of her great spirit when Hitler controlled Germany.

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Anne Frank did her dad published it

I saw a play about Diary of Anne Frank. Sad, but very good.6 Things I Learned;Jew's had it a lot worse than I thought.Germans were horrible people at the time.Anne's story was heartbreaking, but a tale that should be lived on.Anne Frank, I had no idea who she was until I saw this play with my mom.Keeping a diary could keep history living on, so I'm now keeping one.Anne Frank is a beautiful story.

Knowing history is very important. Anne Frank and her family had to leave Holland in order to try escape the Holocaust.

Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-1 was released on: USA: 20 May 2001

Anne Frank The Whole Story - 2001 1-2 was released on: USA: 21 May 2001

There are similar events throughout history. But few have been recorded first hand by an observer as astute and eloquent as Anne Frank.

Anne Frank did mature, she matures by her attitude towards her mother, and others and her affection and feelings towards Peter

Where did Anne Frank live mostly throughout the book? What caused her to move to the Annex? Who was her friend that she mourned for? How did Anne feel towards the adults living with her in the Annex? How did Anne feel about the Peter she lived with? Name the characters in Anne Frank and say how they change Anne's life in the story.

Anne Frank was around when Hitler was attacking Jews during the Holocaust. Anne Frank lived past it until she was captured and taken to a consecration camp then died there after.

Anne Frank's diary documented the story of a Jewish family hiding from the Nazi regime.

Anne is the name of a female. The meaning of the name Anne is is favor or Grace. A famous Anne from history is a girl named Anne Frank, who kept a diary during WW2.

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