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You mean you forward and reverse while the engine is shut off????? How can that be?

Funny man that guy. Have you checked your fluid level? Also checked to see if your trans oil looks or smells like it has been burnt. Hopefully your only low on trans fluid, otherwise you will need to take it in for repairs.

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Q: Why has your transmission quit working with no forward or reverse while engine still runs?
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What causes the vehicle to lunge forward or backward when the transmission is placed in drive or reverse?

Engine idle too high.

How do you troubleshoot lights not working on 2000 Ford F-150?

after starting engine with automatic transmission won't shift into reverse ?

What will happen when you put reverse gear while in forward driving?

The car might have an automatic cut off to either disengage the transmission or cut off the engine. Otherwise you will rip apart the transmission.

What could be wrong if your 1991 automatic Honda Civic goes forward but engine will only rev when put in reverse?

could be either transmission shift linkage not engaging reverse ( stops at neutral ) worn joint connectors sometimes cause this. or reverse clutches or gears bad inside transmission.

My ford explorer will not drive in reverse but drives forward.?

The simple thing to do here is get beneath the transmission and see if the lever arm there is moving to the reverse position - prefereably with the engine not running. It may be a silly milimeter out of adjustment. lol

Why do you have reverse but no forward gears on a 1998 gm 1500?

Transmission fluid level possible cause. This fluid level can only be checked with the engine running and at normal operating temperature.

How do you know you have transmission problems in jeep wrangler 1997?

reverse kills engine

Why is it that the transmission on my 97 Plymouth breeze will slip or not go when you put in drive or reverse sometimes but then the engine revs and jolts forward when the tranny catches?

check transmission fluid levels and condition of fluidreally does sound like you either got bad transmission or neutral lock out switch is faulty

Your GEO Tracker makes a noise in reverse in the engine no brakes in use sometimes going forward?

Check the GEO Trackers transmission fluid. The fluid could be low, or the fluid could show metal parts indicating a transmission problem causing the noise.

Why cant you reverse in your 97 jimmy?

the synchros could be out in the transmission where it won't engage reverse. i believe that the check engine light may activate if there is a transmission issue. unfortunately, you will have to take it in for diagnosis.

If a transmission stops working does the power steering stop working?

The transmission and power steering are usually two different systems. The transmission drives off the back of the engine and the powersteering pump normally drives off a belt on the front of the engine.

My 99 infiniti g20 engine to stall when engine is cold during take off in drive or reverse.?

Change your transmission oil it happen to me . And have your mechanic check the transmission you might have metal shavings in the transmission which is really bad.

How do you change a transmission of a Dodge Caravan 2002?

unhook everything on your engine and take your engine and tranny off the chassie. Then you remove the entire engine and tranny combo from your van. empty the transmission oil and undo the bolts connecting the transmission to the engine. The do it all in reverse and add new transmission fluid and whatever else fluid you had to empty to get your engine tranny combo out.

Why is a Lincoln LS V8 making a engine noise when it is shifted into drive or reverse?

If a Lincoln LS V8 is making a engine noise when it is shifted into drive or reverse, it could indicate a seized gear in the transmission. It could also indicate a low transmission fluid warning.

1996 GMC Jimmy V6 4wd Auto has no reverse The linkage is working and when you put it into reverse the engine idles down and kind of whines but tranny acts like its still in neutral What could it be?

Check fluid level Could be a bad pump inside the transmission

What causes the engine and transmission to tilt forward when the clutch pedal is pressed?

a bad engine and transmission mount 1 in the rear near the fire wall or 1 in front near the radiator.

Can a 93 dodge caravan with a 3.3 engine will it fit in to a 96 dodge caravan that has the same engine also are the transmissions inter changeable?

By doing this the engine has a high ratio of working but, the transmission also has a high possibilty of not working so, my thoughts are to just change the engine not the transmission.

2001 Hyundai santa fe was driving then car lost pull in the transmission check engine light came on and will not go forward or reverse code p0732?

Trouble code P0732 means: Gear 2 Incorrect Ratio

Would needing spark plug wires make my dodge caravan's engine skip and cut off when i put it in reverse?

Answer 1 - Faulty Spark Plug WiresAlthough it's possible, more than likely not. If plug wires are faulty, then that condition should cause the same performance issues [skipping, cutting out, dieing, etc.] regardless of the transmission being in forward or reverse. Often, engine missing when in reverse gear [if the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission] indicates a possible vacuum leak in the vacuum line going to the transmission modulator valve, or in the modulator valve itself.

Diesel powerstroke Engine dies when you shift from drive to reverse?

sounds like the auto transmission has a fault

Is there a kit for a 94' 4L60E transmission to work properly with a 355ci crate engine with a carburetor?

is there a complete kit for a 4L60E transmission to work right in a non computer car? l put a new 355ci crate engine with a carburetor in my 94' silverado with a 4L60E transmission but now the transmission is working properly, it only has drive & reverse no 1st or over drive is there a electrical kit that l can need to plug that transmission into & where can l purchase it?

What cost more to repair engine or transmission?

You can spend more on an engine, but both can be expensive. There is no way to guess which is going to cost more. Some engine repairs can be as little as $100 and some transmission repairs can be $3,000 and the reverse is true.

If the engine starts but the car does not go forwards or backwards what is wrong?

The transmission is not engaging. Either the transmission control linkage is somehow disconnected or the transmission is not working. This could be due to excessively low fluid, the controller is not working, or a mechanical failure in the transmission.

Why does 1994 ford explorer drive in reverse but none of the forward gears?

The simplest answer is that the transmission is damaged beyond normal operation and needs to be serviced. This normally isn't something that a household mechanic can fix. It requires removing the engine the transmission from the frame. The usual culprits are jammed or cracked forward engagement pistons, but the problem can be even more serious and more deeply rooted. It is recommended that if you vehicle shows these signs (Drives only in reverse) then you should take it to an ASE Endorsed Mechanic or shop.

Nissan auto transmission no drive or reverse?

it it most likely the torque converter this is the link between the engine and transmission if this is damaged the gears will not spin. hope this helps