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Q: Why have many prisoners of the Guantanamo US military base gained access to trials in federal court in New York?
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Does the state have access to a trust fund in prisoners name?

The state of California dept of Corrections DOES NOT have access to a prisoners trust fund. A trust fund is exempt.

In regard to religious freedom prisoners must be givin what?

uurestricted access to religious books

Do prisoners have access to money during their prison terms?

Prisoners are not allowed to handle money when they are in prison but they do have accounts that they can use for purchasing items from commissary and outside vendors.

What are the federal laws regarding military recruitment?

Military recruiters have access to high schools and even have programs like JROTC directed at recruiting students. Recruiters can also recruit on college campuses. Many schools have tried to ban recruiters but they have failed.

How do you use mandamus in a sentence?

The Court upheld the denial of the writ of mandamus made by the prison officials to allow the prisoners access to records of prison officials and other prisoners.

Where is access to the federal supplement?

law library

Do prisoners lose the right to sue in America?

Absolutely not. Prisoners are sentenced to punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of years, life or even death. All individuals, imprisoned or not always, have access to the courts.

Where can I find federal tax forms? will allow you to access and print federal tax forms online.

When a federal inmate emails you from a correctional facility does the federal institution have access to personal other emails at the email address?

Yes. Staff have access to all emails that are sent and received.

Is there a specific prohibition against rapists joining the Armed Services?

It's covered under the same federal law which prohibits felons access to firearms, more or less. Since most (if not all) military occupations entail access to firearms, a felony conviction makes you ineligible for those occupations.

Can you access federal tax forms online?

You can get all federal tax forms from the IRS homepage. Go to

Can an immigrant with a visa and I.D. access a U.S. military base?