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Why have the Republicans won two terms if they are anti-federalist?

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Not all Republicans can be considered 'Anti-Federalists' and the definition of Anti-Federalists, in terms of how it was originally meant - cannot be fine by any politician today. The basic principle of Anti-Federalism is that Government is better when it is smaller, and closer to the people. The logic is for example, your city government is better to do tasks than the state, and the state better than the Federal Government. Anti-Fedealists (ex: Thomas Jefferson) opposed the Federal Government having much power at all, instead the power would lie with the states. President Bush has enacted programs like no child left behind which is directly contrary to the Anti-Federalist idealogy, and arguably the Constitution gives the Federal Government no power as it relates to Education.

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Which presidential terms were Republican and which were democratic?

Since 1860 when the Republicans won their first presidential election, Democrats won in 1884,1892,1912,1918.1932,1936,1940,1944,1948,1960,1964,1976,1992.1996, and 2008. Republicans won in 1860,1864,1868,1872,1876,1880,1888,1896.1900.1904,1908,1920,1924,1928, 1952,1956,1968,1972,1980,1984,1988,2000 and 2004.

Who won the U.S congress election in 1996?

The Republicans held their majority in both chambers. The Republicans gained two seats in the Senate, and narrowly won more votes in the Senate elections. The Democrats actually won more votes in the House elections, but the Republicans retained a majority, despite losing seats.

How many republicans have won a Nobel Peace Prize?

At least two: Teddy Roosevelt and Henry Kissinger.

Why do so many historians see the election of 1932 as a transitional election?

Starting with 1860 the Republican party won most of the presidential elections. Due to mostly to a need for reform, Cleveland won two split terms, but the Republicans regained power and kept it until Wilson won first in rather a fluke when Roosevelt split the Republican vote with his third party and then won a surprising second term by promising to keep the US out of war. The republicans then regained power , but in 1932, Roosevelt convincingly defeated the incumbent Republican . After that the Democrats and went on to win the next four terms and would have won two more with Eisenhower if he had accepted their offer to run as a Democrat. Thus 1932 was a transition in American presidential politics.

First of key states where federalists won by a narrow margin over the opposition of antifederalist sam Adams?


Who won the Iowa caucus in 2012?

Barack Obama won for the Democrats.Mitt Romney won for the Republicans.

Who won the election of 1868?

Republicans dominated U.S Grant.

Who won the governors race in North Carolina?

I think Republicans.

When was the last time Republicans won California in a presidential race?


Why did the Republicans to lose the 1912 election?

At the 1912 election, Theodore Roosevelt was unhappy with Taft's policies so he formed his own political party called the Progressive Party. The votes for the Progressives and the Votes for the Republicans combined would have ensured the Republicans would have won, but the Democrats had the most electoral votes, so they won.

What party won every presidential election in the 1920s?

The Republicans won the presidency in 1920 , 1924 and 1928 . They lost in 1916 and 1932.

How many terms was Obama in office?

Barack Obama served two terms. He won the 2008 election, and was re-elected in 2012. He was not allowed to seek a third term-- the 22nd amendment to the Constitution does not permit anyone to serve more than two terms as president.

Since 1856 how many presidential elections have the republicans won?

23 of the 38 elections

How many presidential elections were won by the Republicans between 1876-1896?


What party won more than twice as many presidential elections?

I think the answer to that is Republicans.

When was the last time the republicans won the white house without a Bush or a Nixon on the Ticket?


The Republicans won fourteen of the eighteen presidential elections held between 1860 and 1928?


Who were the two Democratic-Republicans who ran for President?

There were actually six Democratic-Republicans who ran for President, and four who were elected to the office:Thomas Jefferson (1800 election, won)Aaron Burr (1800 election, lost to Jefferson)James Madison (1808 and 1812 elections, won)James Monroe (1816 and 1820 elections, won)John Quincy Adams (1824 election, won; ran on National Republican ticket in 1828, lost)William H. Crawford (1824, lost)

Why was it significant when the Republicans won a two thirds majority in both houses of Congress by 1866?

This victory signaled the start of reconstruction. By having a two-thirds majority in both houses and a republican president, virtually any piece of legislation endorsed by republicans could make it through. This allowed the southern states to be coerced into ratifying the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments.

Why was the victory of the republicans in the 1866 congressional elections significant?

It was important because the republicans won majorities in both houses of congress and passed the 15th amendment && guaranteed africans americans to vote

What are What are facts about Harry Truman?

~He was the 33rd President of the USA ~Born: 1884 ~Died: 1972 ~Was USA Senator and won two terms

Which Republican president won in 1856?

The Republicans did not win in 1856- the Democrat Buchanan won the election in 1856. The Republican candidate, Lincoln won in 1860 and so became the first Republican president.

What party won fourteen of the eighteen presidential elections held between 1860 through 1928?

The Republicans

Why did the republicans lose the presidential election?

President Obama won the election because the democrats had the most votes.

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