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In order to lose wait you have to both change your eating habits and exercise. But you also must eat alot, I know it sounds crazy but it works because the more healthly foods you eat the more you have to have a BM( Bowel Movement). Which drains your body of all the bad fats.

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How do you know if you've gained any weight?

A bit yes, but it has been cold out and eating seems a better expendature of time then exercising at the moment.

Can magnesium cause weight gain?

Yes,I took for a week and gained 3 pounds. My eating habits haven't changed,so definitely has to the magnesium.

Is eating and then exercising going to help you gain weight?

the basics of weight gain is eating more than what you need so that the excess can be stored to gain weight and physical exercise which will demand the body to add more muscle so that the weight gained is healthy and not fat

How long after you eat something do you gain weight?

every 3600 calories is a pound gained or lost. So unless u are consecutively eating this many calories without exercising u are gonna gain weight.

What was Jennifer Hudson's childhood like?

She was the skinniest person in her neighborhood and everyone thought something was wrong with her. So she started eating bigger portions. and gained weight.

I have been taking Lexapro for one month now and have gained 4.5 kilo and my eating pattern has not changed has anyone else experienced this?

I have been taking lexapro for years and have gained a total of 20 lbs and my eating habits have never changed I blame the lexapro and now I will slowly stop taking it due to this fact.I've tried losing the weight just about starving myself ,walking nothing works I truly believe it is the lexapro>

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The country that gained independence from Columbia in 1903 is Panama. The construction of the Panama Canal started after it.

You gained 50 pounds in 7 days-What are you doing wrong?

wow. what are you eating??

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Pixie Dust can be gained from eating Cookies & Cupcakes.

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Chester A. Arthur

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John P Kee gained so much weight?

he needs to lose that weight fast my lord stop eating everything in front of you please

I have gained 20 pounds in the last 2 weeks and I am dieting What could have caused the weight gain?

well it depends. what have you been eating? well it depends. what have you been eating? well it depends. what have you been eating?

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How weight increased in fat after joining gym?

I would guess you must be eating more than you were before you started. You have to be careful because exercise increases your appetite and if you eat more (especially of the wrong things) then fat will be gained instead of lost.

Im fat are you?

YES YOU ARE! last time I saw I gained a pound! Did you lose cash by eating to much?

What men gained after eating samba rice?

A bigger waist line and whole lot of health problems

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About 5 stone

What foods to avoid when depressed?

one word. chocolate. once you start eating it you wont stop, i gained 2 stn while being depressed and comfort eating

This girl was in a relationship with her Boyfriend and she gained interested in you and you started going out for a couple months then you split up and you dont know why?

May be she gained interest in someone else as she had gained once in you. So just enjoy with someone else.

How can you lose 5 pounds a week without exercising?

Some diet pills will take a few pounds off steadily, but keeping off the weight and being health requires exercise. More people today want instant gratification. You have to realize that you gained weight slowely by eating wrong or not exercising. Losing weight will require the opposite. There is no easy magic way to take off the weight and keep it off. Exercise and eat fewer calories than you burn.