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First of all periods last 5-7 days not do not have two periods in one month STUPID!!

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Q: Why have you had two periods in one month straight after one another your periods are normally 30 days?
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How many periods do you normally get a day?

Periods occur each month not each day Periods last a minimum of 5 days and can range to 7 days.

Can you have two periods in one month?

yes you can have two periods in one month

Is it possible to have your period for a whole month straight and with large blood clots?

It is not normal to have periods for over a month with clotting..this is an indication of a pathology. Seek medical advice asap

Can women get their periods twice in a month?

A woman can get her period twice a month if she has irregular periods.

Why have you had to periods in a month?


You had unprotected sex a month and got your periods normally recently will you get pregnant?

No, not unless you have had unprotected sex since your last period. Then there may be a chance.

When your pregnant is your periods late just one month or every month?

While you are pregnant you do not have periods at all.

Do dog get their periods every month?

No dogs don't get periods. Yes dogs do get periods...

Why should you have two periods in a month?

It isn't that abnormal to have two periods in a month. However, sometimes it can occur, if you have a short cycle and your period starts at the beginning of the month. This would make it possible to have two periods in one month.

You have had regular periods for a year and then you have two in one month?

periods could happen twice in one month, but the next month, you might miss

What does it mean when you have 2 periods in one month and not a period the following month?

You probally just have eregular periods its ok.

What does it mean to have two periods in one month?

It means that your periods are irregular.

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