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There could be several reasons why your periods have suddenly got longer after fifteen years. Hormonal changes, age, certain medication and stress are just a few reasons why this could happen.

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Has anyone had a hysterectomy years after getting a tubal ligation and does that create complications later on down the road with your periods?

Having a tubal ligation makes no difference to your periods. If you have a hysterectomy you will no longer have periods, well not the bleeding anyway. If you do not have your ovaries removed you will still have pre-menstrual symptoms (if you have them) but you will no longer have cramps or bleeding. If your ovaries are removed as well you will go into the menopause.

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You have been on birth control for two years and suddenly have severe headaches and heavy periods. Could you be pregnant?

The heavy periods suggest strongly that you are not pregnant. If they were suddenly lighter, then that would be more of an indication - as would them stopping altogether. The headaches and the heavy periods taken together may indicate that your birth control - if it is oral, intravenous or patch hormonal contraceptive - no longer suits your body. Your GP/HMO, sexual health or family planning practitioner can discuss this with you in confidence and find you a different brand or method that should remove the symptoms. Have this dealt with immediately - there is no reason in a modern world to put up with "severe" headaches.

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