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If you would care to read the documents on the Australian POW's in Germany were much better treated, in a more humane way then the ways that the Japanese were treating the Australians. Although it still must be looked upon. Hope I Could help :)

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Name some countries that were your enemies during world war 11?

Italy japan and Germany Italy japan and Germany

Which countries were allied with japan during world war 2?

Italy and Germany were allied to Japan during WWII.

Why did japan invade germany?

Japan didn't invade Germany. During World War II, Japan actually joined Germany. It was part of the Axis which included Germany, Italy and Japan. After the United States declared war on Japan, Italy and Germany, as Japan's allies, declared war on the United States.

Was Germany a member of the axis power during World War 2?

Germany banded with Italy and Japan during WW2

Who were the axis powers during WWII?

Germany - Italy - Japan .

How was japan involved during world war 2?

Japan was the third member of the TRIPARTITE PACT. Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Why did Germany go into war with Japan in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

How many Australian soldiers became prisoners of war during World War 2?

26,358 Australian soldiers, of all branches(RAN, RAAF, Army) became POWs during World War II. This number includes both the Pacific war against Japan and the war in Europe, against Germany.

Japan and Germany were considered what in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2; together with Italy they formed the Axis powers

Why did the Australian government declare war on Japan Germany and Italy?

The Australian government declared war on Japan Germany and Italy because they're part of the British Commonwealth, the declared war when Britain did. This also applied to New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and India, to name the bigger countries in the Commonwealth.

What countries were allies of Japan during War 2?

Japan was a part of the Axis Powers. Their allies were Germany and Italy.

Who were enemies of Germany during World War 2?

* ** Germany ** Japan ** Italy * ** Hungary ** Romania ** Bulgaria ** Yugoslavia

How was in alliance with japan during world war 2?

The "Tripartite Pact" signed in Berlin, Germany on September 1940 created the partnership between Germany, Japan, & Italy.

Who was in alliance with japan during world war 2?

The "Tripartite Pact" signed in Berlin, Germany in Sept 1940, created a partnership between Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Who were Japan allied to?

I beleive that Japan was on Germany's side. __ They were part of the Allies, so they fougt against Germany in WW1. During WW2 they were part of the Axis and allies with Germany.

Which countries were our enemies during world war ii?

Germany, Japan and Italy...............................

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