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Don't worry! It will start soon enough. The daughters of a coworker, both girls are 15 and they still do not have their menstruation.

Boys usually start puberty around 12 to 14-years-old or even later, in some cases not until 16-years-old so you just might not be ready yet.

Similarly girls usually start around 11 to 13-years-old but it can be earlier or later as everyone is different.

You will start when your body is ready, but if you are worried about being late in starting then a visit to your doctor should put your mind at rest. There are hormonal treatments available to bring on puberty but they will only use them if they think it necessary.

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Why some girls do not have hair on their pvt parts?

either they havent hit puberty yet or they shave or waxed it ..

Havent hit puberty yet but are 13 is that bad?

nah that's not so bad some of my friends are also like you so don't worry

Can you fall pregnant if you have not yet reached puberty?

No, you cannot become pregnant as you are not fertile yet. But you shouldn't be having sex in the first place if u havent yet started puberty.

Have you hit puberty yet.i have hair on my balls but it doesnt seem my penis has evlagend at all well i cant really tell i cant perm yet but i have lots of hair and my penis is around 3.5-4 inches?

yes i have and and if you cant sperm yet you havent hit puberty

Why are you not in puberty?

The age at which puberty starts is different in differnet people. So if you havent yet started puberty, you will in near future, usually by the age of 14.

What can someone do to obtain puberty at age of 20?

There is o way someone gets puberty again . If you havent had puberty must consult a doctor immediately.

It it weird to be a 13 yeart old with a 1 inch penis?

well its not weird. you probably havent hit puberty yet. once you start, it will start growing faster

Why sperm do not come out of 11 years old boys?

They havent gone through puberty yet.

Hi im 14 and your penis is 3.2 flaccid and 5.2 erect and i still havent hit puberty yet. how much larger will it grow to be?

2 more inches

You are a12 year old male y havent you hit puberty yet?

It is fine. Every person hits puberty/adolecence at different times. Some can begin puberty at around 8 years and some in late high school! Nothing is wrong with you, everything is OK.

Does it mean whenn sperm comes out that you have hit puberty?

Sometimes, semen comes out even if you havent reached puberty. Puberty usually hits by the age of 12-13 in boys.

I haven't hit puberty and I'm 20 What is wrong?

Go to the doctor or maybe puberty just havent come yet because its not ready. Most people start Puberty at around 12 to 13 years old but it can vary quite a lot. If you haven't hit puberty by the time you reach 17 then you should seek medical advice as hormone treatment is available to help it along.

Can a boy make a girl pregnant if he has not hit puberty yet?


Has Niall Horan hit puberty yet?

Niall Is 18-years-old and almost finished Puberty.

What should you do if your boyfriend hasn't hit puberty yet but you did?

give him time and he will and girls hit puberty a lot quicker or earlier than boys

Why does a 16 year old have a small penis?

havent hit puburtity yet

When did john Patterson hit puberty?

That is a trick question. He hasn't yet.

What if your 13 and you didnt hit puberty yet?

It's perfectly normal, everyone hits puberty at a different age.

Im 15 and you havent hit full puberty?

its normal to be 15 and not hit puberty some people are late bloomers when it comes to puberty Don't worry about it, as long as you have started as you infer then you will finish. Everyone goes through puberty to become an adult. You may just be having such an easy time of it that you have not noticed !

What happpens at the age 11 in puberty?

The girl puberty starts at the age of 11-12. SO at 11, you have just hit puberty if at you might get your first period. In boys, puberty starts at 12-13. So if you are a boy, you are yet to hit puberty

Why are boys and girls bullied during puberty?

because people who havent hit puberty pretend to make fun of their acne and deep voices, but really they are jealous of their bigger dicks and breasts.

How do you lose weight if you are 99 lbs and 11 years old?

if you 11 years old you dont need to lose weight. you havent even hit puberty yet, let your body develop and grow before dieting and excersizing.

I am 13 i have a little mustache and some hair on my penis and hair on my arm but no hair armpit but i didn't hit puberty?

Oh, yes, you HAVE hit puberty. You simply have not finished it, yet.

What if the girl has hit puberty but the boy wasnt can she get pregnant?

no both the boy and the girl have to be sexually mature for fertilisation to take place. You shouldnt be having sex if you are yet to hit puberty.

Why my penis doesn't spray sperm?

You probably haven't hit puberty yet and your gay