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Hi, This is not uncommon. I know a Woman who did not have a period for 5 months after stopping Birth Control pill and there was no medical cause for this. In most cases, you need to rule out pregnancy. Once this has been ruled out, if your period doesn't arrive within 2-3 months and you are definitley not pregnant, then it is due to the hormones contained in birth control pills still remaining in your system. This can make your period very late or arrive early because your body suddenly experiences flare ups of hormones and then the next day no extra hormones. This can confuse your cycle. But if you are worried see your doctor hun.

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Q: Why haven't you spotted or had a period for forty days after stopping birth control?
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What period is the actual regular period not because of stopping birth control?

It varies, about 28 days.

Can you get your period earlier by stopping your birth control pills now?

Yes. I do that sometimes.

Can you get pregnant before your period starts after stopping the birth control pill?

if your not having your period you probably are pregnant already

Starting birth control on the first day of period stop the period?

Yes it can result in stopping your period but don't worry as this is perfectly normal.

You havent taken your birth control in three weeks and your period was in between then and you had unprotected sex can you be pregnant?


When do you get your period after changing from Depo-Provera to the birth control pill and stopping the pill?

It can take anywhere from days to 18 months for your period to return after stopping Depo Provera. Taking the birth control pill doesn't change that timing -- the birth control pill doesn't "jump start" or "regulate" your period after stopping Depo Provera. Remember that you can get pregnant before your period restarts, so if you don't want to conceive right now, get on an effective method of birth control.

What does period come when stopping birth control mid pack?

three days after your last pill

What is the gestation period for a spotted hyena?

The gestation period for a Spotted Hyena is 110 days.

Is it possible to skip a period after being taken off birth control?

If you've stopped taking birth control then you will miss a period. Instead you will experience a withdrawal bleed 7-14 days after stopping birth control which resembles your normal period.

Can stopping the birth control patch cause your period to be brown or black?

Yes, you can expect an unusual period the first one or two times you bleed after stopping the patch. Your subsequent period will probably be more like those you had before you started the patch.

Is it possible for birth control to mess up your body so that you can't have a period after taking it?

Birth control WILL give you a period providing you havent missed any pills and stop taking the control pills during the 7 day break.

Can taking birth control pills for 3 days and then stopping cause your period to come earlier if you are actually supposed to get your period in a week or so?

Yes, it can.

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