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Why is 93 ford explorer 4x4 fwd portion not engaging on push buton four wheel drive?


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2009-05-04 07:10:35
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Failure in the electric control motor is the most common problem.

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If you have locking hubs, set them to lock position, put tranny in neatral,, then push 4X4 button on dash then back into drive,, and away ya go,,,,,

Its either in need of transmission fluid a fluid change or the bands are strechted

A transmission that is not engaging fully when in drive might need a new shift solenoid. There is also a chance that a band is stretched or broken inside the transmission.

I have a 1997 GMC 1500 4 Wheel Drive. When engaging 4 wheel drive there is a popping noise (different than and in addition to the normal sound of it engaging) and it does not always engage. Then it will even have a popping noise once engaged. Any ideas? Thank you for your input. Stan

It is the button on the gear shift handle. this all should be covered in the owners manual.

Your Ford Explorer will only drive after putting it in drive and letting it warm up because it has a mechanical problem.

rear wheel drive , or 4x4 capable , and with the 5.0 liter V8 an all wheel drive system was available on the 2000 Ford Explorer

No , rear wheel drive or four wheel drive

The 4 wheel drive is not engaging on your 1997 Ford F-250 because you have a bad actuator if it is a push button. If it is not a push button, it could be a bad hub or linkage.

rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive capable

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