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He is never recorded as having prophesied anything.

"Hearing the Voice of God" is not enough to satisfy the requirements of being a prophet in Judaism. A prophet must receive Divine Information and deliver it to the people. Adam does not do this.

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No, Adam is not in any way considered a prophet in any Christian denomination.

Abraham is not the main prophet of Judaism. Abraham was not regarded as a prophet. Judaism, unlike Christianity and Islam, does not have a main prophet. Moses is often considered the greatest prophet because of his achievement and his closeness to God. All prophets after Moses are said to have only glimpsed what Moses saw.

Avraham was the first prophet for Judaism.

As far as I know Adam is not considered a Prophet in Islam, but the first human who was equally guilty with Eve for disobeying the rules in Paradise and thus banned to earth.

these were all miracles of prophet Mohammad not prophet Adam

Judaism doesn't have a central prophet. That being said, the greatest prophet in Judaism was Moshe (Moses) because of his unique relationship with HaShem.

Adam in the Bible was never a prophet.

In Judaism, Abraham is not actually referred to as a prophet. He is famous for being the first Hebrew to recognize the existence of one God above all others. In that sense, he is considered the founder of Judaism.

Hazrat Adam (AS) was the first Prophet of Islam. However, Hazrat Abraham (AS) is considered the forefather of Islam. Most of the Prophets came from his lineage.

Christians do not recognize Muhammad as a prophet of Christianity or Judaism. In most cases, since Muhammad changed Christian teachings, he would be considered a false prophet.

The first prophet for humanity was Adam (peace be upon him). After the flood, prophet Noah can be considered the first prophet as no one was saved except those who were with him in the Ark. Thx.

Adam is not at all a prophet according to Christians.

Although Judaism has had thousands of prophets, the greatest prophet was Moshe (Moses).

The greatest prophet in Judaism was Moses.

Adam was never ever a prophet in the old testament.

Judaism has not had any prophets since shortly after the destruction of the First Temple. Jesus is not considered divine or a prophet in Judaism.

First of all Adam never was a prophet.

No, Jesus was not a prophet according to Jews. Judaism doesn't discuss Jesus at all.

Firstly Adam was never a prophet, either major or minor prophet, he lived about 4004 B.C.

First of all Adam was never a prophet a major or minor one.

Answer: The second Prophet of God - after Adam.

The first prophet is Adam

Judaism does not accept that Jesus was a prophet.

prophet Adam @ prophet Sulaiman @ prophet Ibrahim......

According to Judaism it wasn't just a legend. They are buried in Hebron.

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