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Why is Algebra difficult for some people?

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This is like asking "why is science hard for some people?"

People are different, and their brains are different.

Algebra is hard for some people because they have not learned the skills needed to begin. If a person does not learn enough basic math, algebra is almost impossible! You need to be very good at times tables, fractions and be able to math in your head. You also need to understand negative numbers very well. If you do not understand these things, you cannot understand algebra. You may be able to take an algebra class, but it will be very hard for you.

Algebra is hard for some students because they are not ready to learn an "abstract" subject like algebra. "Asbstact" subjects involve ideas that are only in your head, and you cannot touch or see them. A person has to be at a certain stage of growth before he/she is ready to learn algebra.

And, it algebra is hard for some people just because they do not like it. It is hard to learn anything you do not like, and are not interested in.

No matter why a person finds it hard, there are always ways to help them make it easier. Please talk honestly to your math teacher if it is hard for you. She can help you find ways to succeed!

some people dont understand math maybe they get confused!!!!!!

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Is algebra easy?

For some people, algebra is ,fun and easy. For others, it's quite difficult. It depends on how you learn how it's done.

What is the difference between intermidiate algebra and advanced algebra?

intermediate algebra is like medium difficulty. advanced algebra is harder for some people. that comes down to opinion... but advanced algebra teaches a more difficult or higher level math. its kind of like learning high school math in middle school, or college math in high school.

What do you do if you are bored with Algebra?

Some people apparently post fatuous questions on the algebra section of WikiAnswers!

What is the most difficult math subject?

For many people, Calculus is the most difficult math subject. But it really depends on what is easier for you. For example, some people who are excellent at Calculus still have trouble with basic algebra. Calculus has long been considered the most difficult math subject. For younger kids algerbra is also very difficult to learn.

Is it difficult to answer calculus?

Some people find some calculus difficult, some don't.

Why is algebra harder for some people to understand?

Every topic in every subject is harder for some people to understand!

How hard is the clep algebra test?

Some people think that the algebra test is easy to do while others think it's hard.

Can you be a pharmacist if you struggled in math?

yes, but it is very difficult because it requires some university math courses (a couple Calculus courses and some algebra)

What is good morning in algebra?

It is difficult to translate from English to math.

Why do so many students find math so difficult?

Some students can find math difficult because it requires abstract thinking. Some people deal better with concrete concepts. This is why some math problems are presented as word problems. Math is difficult for some because you must imagine things, without having physical objects to look at and understand. People who do bad with algebra often do very good with geometry, since you can SEE what you are trying to solve.

How was algebra made?

Algebra was invented by many people

How hard can algebra get?

once you understand the rules it is easy but if not it get real difficult

Math trivia about algebra with answers?

in this matter there are some problems that are difficult to handle with, especially those that are not lectured well. mondelo--->> DA VINCI

Is chemistry difficult if you are good at algebra?

It should be easier for you if you are good at algebra than it would be if you were not. A significant amount of working with chemistry is the manipulation of symbolic forms used to understand what can and cannot happen, which is about the same as algebra (however the rules for manipulating the symbols are very different). Of course there are many other difficult things to learn in chemistry that algebra won't help you with at all.

Do more people find algebra harder than arithmetic?

In general, this will be true because most algebra courses require arithmetic training beforehand, implying that algebra is the use of arithmetic with some kick at the end.

Is Algebra II similar to Algebra I?

Math is taught like this: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry. Algebra I is similar to Algebra 2, but Algebra 2 has more difficult concepts, such as imaginary numbers. Added: I would have put statistics and trig in between Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus. You review trig in precalculus and statistics is the first transferable math course in college.

Is Pre Algebra the same as Algebra 1?

No, Pre-Algebra is a course that precedes Algebra 1. Some programs do not require students to take Pre Algebra before Algebra 1, but they are not equivalent.

Use method in a sentence?

His method to figure out the difficult algebra equation was sucessful.

Is it true that if you are good at algebra calculus physics and engineering will be difficult for you?

Yes, that is true.

Will we ever use algebra in real life?

Many people learn algebra, and then never use it in their "real life". It's not that it COULDN'T be useful; but rather, that many people tend to forget how to use it. In some professions, you will DEFINITELY need algebra - as well as more advanced math.

Who uses algebra?

Many people use Algebra, like doctors, builders, archetecs. Many people with good jobs use Algebra so that's why its is very important to learn Algebra. You truly use it in the future when you grow up.Algebraists use algebra.

Which age do people normally start learning algebra?

6th grade is usually pre-algebra and the basic introduction to algebra.

Why would algebra be a favorite subject?

Because some people are FREAKS! Lol. Not really, people just have different tastes.

Is algebra arithmetic?

No. Algebra is not arithmetic and arithmetic is not algebra. They are two branches of mathematics, which are closely related in some respects.

What are the examples of roster method in algebra?

The roster method represents a set of something. In algebra, the roster method is used to describe a simpler set that is difficult to describe.