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If you read the books you will know.

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Anne is so famous because she is a kind, loving soul

Yes, Anne Of Green Gables is a musical although it is not widely recognized. I believe it has 2 acts and 23 scenes. There is also a musical called "Anne and Gilbert" this musical is related to "Anne Of Green Gables" so I recomend you find info on both. I,myself, have been trying to find videos for the musicals but there really arent any but you can easily find the script and vocal score.

Anne quotes Romeo & Juliet when talking about her name and how Anne is plain so she was plain. "A rose by any other name wouldn't smell as sweet."

According to Anne, it looks nicer and more distinguished: "Oh, it makes SUCH a difference. It LOOKS so much nicer. When you hear a name pronounced can't you always see it in your mind, just as if it was printed out? I can; and A-n-n looks dreadful, but A-n-n-e looks so much more distinguished." From Chapter III, Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised

There are 4 official Anne of Green Gable Movies. Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables The Sequel, Anne of Green Gables the Continuing Story and Anne A New Beginning. But there is also the cartoon version made for kids: Anne The Animated Series.There are 8 BooksHere they are and some Summary's of the Books***The Books order***:ANNE OF GREEN GABLES covers a span of Anne's first 5 years in Avonlea. She will age from 11 to 16. Her immortal antics that have made this book so beloved include her rivalry with Gilbert Blythe, dyeing her hair, and falling off of Mrs. Barry's roof...ANNE OF AVONLEA spans two years. Anne is 18 at the novel's finish. She has become a teacher. Marilla adopts twins.ANNE OF THE ISLAND spans 4 years--Anne college years at Redmond. She will be 22 at the end of the novel. Anne discovers the real meaning of romance and love and courtship in this novel.ANNE OF WINDY POPLARS also known as ANNE OF WINDY WILLOWS covers the 3 years of Anne's engagement to Gilbert. She is a Principle at Summerside High School where she has to deal with the Pringle clan, Katherine Brooke, and plenty of other interesting folks.ANNE'S HOUSE OF DREAMS covers the first two years of Anne's married life. She and Gilbert now live in Four Winds Point, 60 miles east of Avonlea. Gilbert is making a living as a doctor, and the Blythes have new and interesting neighbors. **My favorite book of the series.**Note: there is about a 6 year break between AHoD and AoI.ANNE OF INGLESIDE covers about 6 years. Anne and Gilbert have moved to Glen St. Mary, near Four Winds Point, and now have children. This novel covers the birth of Rilla to the 15th wedding anniversary of Anne and Gilbert. More about Anne's children's adventures than Anne herself.RAINBOW VALLEY takes place in 1 year. It is about Anne's children, and more specifically their neighbors, the Merediths--Faith, Una, Jerry, and Carl--and Mary Vance, but Anne does come in at important points within the novel. Faith is reminiscent in many ways of the young Anne.Note: there is about a 9 year break between RV and RoI.RILLA OF INGLESIDE is a heroine in her right. She ages from 15 to 19 during World War 1, the setting of this novel's time period. Anne is by now in her 50s and is a background character, but Rilla is a delightful and outgoing heroine with or without her mother.

Alliteration means using the same sound repeatedly, so here are a couple I just came up with: Going to Godmother Gretel's grotto, Gavin gave Grant a goose. Gary's great gourd got gobbled graciously. Here are some examples from popular culture: Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire. Anne of Green Gables The grass grows greener on the other side.

i dont think so because she isnt that popular then one direction is she

Anne Franks Diary is so popular because her diary is a firsthand proof that the holocaust existed. It also lets us know that these were real people with dreams but sadly lost their lives to Hitlers Comsetration Camps

they are little green men who give you gold.

Becasue it was about her life and how she had to hide aways from the Nazi's e.t.c

The Diary of Anne Frank is the most popular Holocaust book, as it is about a regular person, like you or me, you who thrust in a very difficult situation.

Harry is having his "fifteen minutes" of fame and Kennedy has been dead for 50 years, so Potter is probably more famous at the moment. In 50 years or so, Harry Potter will be no better known than Heidi, Pollyanna, Anne of Green Gables or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, but John Kenney will still be a historical figure.

Gilbert Blythe is Anne's childhood classmate, arch enemy, life saver, friend, fellow teacher and later Anne's husband. He became Anne's arch enemy by calling her a "carrot". This statement made Anne very angry so she whacked Gilbert on the head with her writing board until it cracked in half. He had a crush on Anne but pretened to be her worst enemy. Later in the story, Anne and her friends are playing a reanactment game which involved Anne being a corpse which was floating away on a boat. The actual boat was supposed to land safely on the other side of the lake but the boat was very old and started to sink! Anne grabbed hold of a hanging branch but did not have any footholds so she had to hang on for dear life. Her friends which saw her boat sink cried in despair as they thought she had drowned! Several hours later Gilbert Blythe came rowing in a boat and rescued Anne. However, they still remained enemies. Several years later, Anne and Gilbert, both being talented students decided to go to a teaching college - where they would learn the necessary skills to become a teacher. One day Marilla, Anne's adopted mother learnt that she had a large chance of turning blind if she didn't stop working so hard. Saddened by the news, Anne returned home to Green Gables and and gave up her chance at her college. She decided to work at a far school as her nearest school was already taken by Gilbert. It had been many years since Anne and Gilbert fought but Gilbert still had stong feelings for Anne. He gave up his post as the teacher at his school and gave it to Anne, so that it could be easier for her to take care of Marilla. Learning the news, Anne and Gilbert finally became friends.

I do think so. She did some of the duities of women of those years She also live a life really different then most women of her day. Just by reading her biography and also the book relise by a son Doctor Macdonald you read in it all kinds of differences. Rae.

I do see a picture of any green patio umbrella but green is a popular color for outdoor furniture since it goes so well with the outdoors. Personally, I prefer a contrasting color.

The House of the Seven Gables is an American novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is written from a first person point of view by a perhaps not so reliable narrator who seems to be surprisingly omniscient.

Given time there is a good possibility these dolls will become as popular in the US as they are now in Canada.The storylines and packaging designs are fully Canadian and so Maplelea Girls sell primarily in Canada. At this time they are not being mass produced on a market designed to be sold throughout the US and are only found on the internet. They can also be ordered by phone and by mail. The Maplelea Girls line has become increasingly popular and is the only line Avonlea Traditions Inc. currently produces. The Anne of Green Gables dolls and products was sold to Northern Gifts Inc. in British Columbia, to allow the company to work full time on their newest concept.

A thief was among the Franks and Van Daans and they made noise so the thief called the Green Police Aka Nazis.

Anne''s wonderful, lively children found a special place all their own. Rainbow Valley was the perfect spot to play, to dream and to make the most unusual friends, like the Merediths. They were two girls and two boys who had no mother. What they did have was a minister father who was looking for a wife but so far had found nothing but heartbreak. Between the minister courting a young spinster and the escapades of the restless children, the town was bubbling with scandal. But in the end, the warmth and laughter of Anne of Green Gables taught all an unforgettable lesson of love.

Very much so. Peter van Pels once told Anne: "Every time I saw you, you were always in a crowd of girls, with at least two boys, and you were always at the center, talking away and smiling".

The Twilight books are so poular mainly because they're romance and the "modern" Anne Rice version of vampires has never really been used.

It is the authentic voice of a girl growing up in difficult circumstances, and a record of conditions in one of the concentration camps.

Anne Frank was very sociable, gregarious, if you will; she was quite popular, so when she went into hiding she was missed very much.

She died by a sickness so did Anne Frank.

Most people had a profound attachment and loyalty to Queen Katherine of Aragon, who was banished so that Henry VIII could marry Anne. For this reason, she wasn't popular with the English people; many even called her a witch.

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