Why is Answers.com so slow?

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It's possible you have visited the website during a scheduled update or maintenance. Or it could be that we have so many visitors that the servers are overloaded with traffic.

  • Your browser might be outdated or your java or flash may be in need of an update.
  • Answers is a modern website that uses modern technology, so if your computer is "old", it may struggle with the new modern technology.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, you are recommended to switch to Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is hugely outdated and is a massive computer resource hogger, meaning it loads sites too sluggishly.

If you join the website as a member, you have the option to disable adverts in your account settings, which will improve things for some.

I suggest disabling flash when viewing things on answers.com.
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Why is your Mac so slow?

Your Mac may be so slow because it has very little RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The RAM is crucial for the speed of the computer, because the more RAM, the quicker the computer will start up and the faster applications can be loaded on the spot. There are RAM upgrade chips that come in ( Full Answer )

Why is the Internet so slow?

Because (One or more of these) . Your Computer is Slow! . Your Internet Speed is Slow! . Your Internet Provider is Slow and not very Reliable! OR many people are using internet on the service. (AT&T,COMCAST,DIRECTV,etc.)

Why is Answers.com so awesome?

it is a place were u can have the answer to anything its the place were the favorite word is why!

Why is Answers.com so biased to the left?

Perhaps, as the previous answerer of this question claimed, it is the monitors employed which happen to make this site bias to the left. After all, without calibrating your monitor before visiting the site, who knows what the configuration of the screen is going to be like.

Why is Answers.com so useless?

Usefulness is a matter of perspective here. If you word a question poorly, the answer might not fit the way you want it.

Why is Answers.com so mean?

There are many people here who feel that it is necessary to insult or belittle others who have questions that they want to ask anonymously. Maybe they have nothing better to do, or maybe they lead such pathetic lives that they need to insult others to make them feel better. This is just cyber-bullyi ( Full Answer )

Why is Answers.com so popular?

Answers.com is popular because it has all the answers. Answers.com 'borrows' articles from Wikipedia, and presents them in an easier read format, and in an advertisement-free zone. Answers.com is popular because you can ask for opinion as well as straight out facts, and there are so many people ( Full Answer )

Why is Answers.com so rubbish?

The website is not rubbish. In fact, a person can learn about manysubjects by reading answers to questions for hours at a time. Thewebsite provides the ultimate learning experience for all ages.Learn about everything from the sciences, religion and history, tomaths, languages... even the romantic pu ( Full Answer )

Why are computers so slow sometimes?

Computers can slow down for a number of reasons - viruses and malware, insufficient RAM, junk files, badly fragmented disks, registry errors, etc. Here are some basic steps you have to follow when you notice your computer slow down: 1. Scan your computer with reliable and up-to-date antivirus ( Full Answer )

Why is your download speed so slow?

Download speed is usually pretty much predetermined by the quality of the Internet providing infrastructure in your area of the country, as opposed to anything to do with your computer specifically. This means that whatever Internet service provider you are with, switching provider will have very fe ( Full Answer )

Why is WikiAnswers so slow?

Sorry, Wiki depends on people who are volunteering their time to answer all these questions. If there is someone on Wiki that has knowledge about your question, then it will get answered. If not it may take a while for someone to read and answer your question. The people that answer the questions ar ( Full Answer )

Why is your dongle so slow?

because a dongle only has a setain amount of space, so it can only load a certain amount of pages at a normal speed and the rest as you load more it gets slower and slower.

Why computer typing so slow?

Errors or junk files in the PC may cause the slow typing problem. This problem can easily be fixed by cleaning the junk using Reginout System Utilities.

Why is yahoo so slow?

It's not on my computer. It may be your computer or sortware or whatever. :)

Why is Answers.com so dumb?

Some people complain because they don't know if the answers are true or not, because anybody can write whatever they want. The same occurs on Wikipedia, and this site's aim is to find and correct the errors, and prevent bad answers from being made. If an answer has an unclear, nonsense, or insult ( Full Answer )

Why is Answers.com so lame?

It is not lame, Answers.com is actually one of the best question and answer sites on the Internet.

Why is McWorld so slow to load?

Because there are millions and millions of people on it. And the more people are on one site the slower it gets. I noticed that when I am in the school Computer Lab.

Why does Answers.com have so many weird answers?

We have posted this question because some users don't post appropriate answers online. We do not want to hear things like this guy is dumb or that way is to stupid. Please post APPROPRIATE answers online or your answer or question WILL be deleted!

Why is Answers.com so weird?

because people, somehow don't know how to use googal or a search engine, and rather wast some peoples time, with questions that don't make any sense.

Why are most questions on Answers.com so ignorant?

Sometimes people do as a joke... Or maybe they genuinely want an answer to a question you may find ignorant. This website however is what it's for, to answer and ask questions. Some people may not be so comfortable asking certain questions in public an therefore turn to this website, we have to resp ( Full Answer )

Why does a cactus grow so slow?

Cactus grow very slow because it is saving water for the later time. Cactus grow in the desert, and it merely rains in deserts. So, when it does rain, the cactus takes up as much as water as it can and saves it for the rest of the period of time until it rains again, which is why they grow slowly. T ( Full Answer )

Why is Answers.com so irresponsible?

You probably think it is irresponsible because or the vandals and spammers. They use WikiAnswers as a playground or sandbox for purposely blanking large amounts of information, or using questions to promote their company/service through external links and soapboxing. It's not our fault, it's theirs. ( Full Answer )

Why do you love Answers.com so much?

I love Answers.com because it is a good way to express your innermost thoughts and concerns. It's a good way to share your wisdom with others and also receive wisdom from others. On Answers.com, everyone is intelligent on their own level and those levels can mix and we all learn something new everyd ( Full Answer )

Why is Minecraft so slow?

probably because its an old program. Minecraft is slow on many computers because of the language it is written in- Java. Java is an interpreted language, so it often runs slower than other programs would. The advantage of using java, though, is that it runs on more computers because it is cro ( Full Answer )

Why does Answers.com work so good?

Answers.com works so good because real people answer your questions. I think it is the best website ever! You should always use anwerss I mean answers.com! Thank you for reading about my side of the story!

Is it so slow or so slowly?

The word 'slow' is an adjective (slow, slower, slowest) and a verb(slow, slows, slowing, slowed). The word 'slowly' is the adverb form of the adjective 'slow', usedto modify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. The word 'so' is an adverb and a conjunction. In the terms, 'soslow' or 'so slowly' ( Full Answer )

Why are there so many incomplete questions on Answers.com?

Some questions are poorly worded, so cannot be easily answered. Others are placed in the wrong categories, so it takes a while to find a person who can answer the question satisfactorily. Another reason is that many questions are very similar to each other- rephrasing the question may lead you to th ( Full Answer )

Why is there so much bad advice on Answers.com?

There are many reasons: . Many of the questions are poorly asked and it is hard foranswerers to understand them. . Vandals insert bad answers to show their "humour." Supervisorsthen have to revert these answers and sometimes ban them. . Many questions are answered with best guess answers bywell- ( Full Answer )

How do you lock an answer on Answers.com so nobody can edit it?

Only supervisors can do this. And they do it very seldom, as it is against the Wiki principle of allowing people to improve answers. It is done on questions that are seeing a lot of abuse and nonsense as people spam answers.

Why is answers.com so funny?

Because people do not know how to ask questions properly and make the community better when they post this anybody all over the world can type your question in and they might see this freely and its good because its making the world greater!

Why is Answers.com so bad grammar?

Not EVERYONE on this site knows all about the grammar rules, since this is the English part of our website, and English being the second hardest if not the first hardest language in the world, there is a lot of rules to learn, so it takes a lot of time to learn such things. For the most part, if an ( Full Answer )

Why is Answers.com slow and inaccurate?

Because normal people are answering your questions, not a team ofhighly-intellectual professors. If you are unsatisfied with theseanswers and the time it takes to get them, read a book or Googleit. There are hundreds of questions asked here everyday. I am sorrythat we are not living up to your expec ( Full Answer )

Why is this webite so frustrating and slow slow?

It isn't. It's most likely your computer or internet provider.. Have you done a malware scan lately? Have you emptied your cache and cookies recently? Is your java up to date? Might your internet provider have cut your internet speed because you use it too much?. Are you using that absolutely awfu ( Full Answer )

Why does it take so long for answers.com to load?

There is no specific answer to your question. As with any Website, there are many factors involved in the loading time. Some of the reasons include slow internet connection, excessive traffic from your ISP, and many other issues (usually not related to the Website servers).

Why does Answers.com page load slow and crash Flash?

Recent changes have added many more animated Flash based advertisements. This swamps slower connections (and even some fast connections) and can cause crashes (especially if you don't have the latest version of Flash (which can't run on some computers older than 2 or 3 years). You may just be out ( Full Answer )

Why does Answers.com suck so much?

Because you are looking for something other than what we do here.The term Wiki means quickly. Here we DO in fact respond with briefanswers. If you are seeking in depth information, this may not meetyour needs.

Why are the Answers.com Supervisors so mean?

Answers.com supervisor's are expected to be courteous, even ifissuing a warning. If any user or supervisor is being rude or mean,please feel free to report it for review.

Why is answers.com so left wing?

Answers.com has no political affiliation, and actually prefersneutral fact based answers. The questions are asked and answered bythe community, and reflect the beliefs of the individual users. Ifany user feels an answer is not balanced, they can add additionalinformation to reflect a more neutral po ( Full Answer )

Why is the Answers.com site so slow?

I personally have never had any problems with the speed of Answers.The issue may be the speed at which you are connected to theinternet, or the speed that your computer can process the datareceived. Your computer can only download as fast as your modem orrouter can deliver the information.

Why does Answers.com work so bad?

If you are having problems with the site, please write in tosupport. They will be able to help you with your specific issues.

How does answers.com give out answer so fast?

People are looking at the site all of the time. So sometimes someone will see a question just after it is asked and then they will answer the question. Sometimes though a question could be a very long time waiting to be answered, so it isn't always fast.