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because knangaroos live there

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What is so interesting about Australia?

its under the equator and they have awesome accents

Which is more interesting Italy or Australia?

they both are very interesting.

What are interesting features in Australia?

It's the only country that has kangaroos and koalas, Australia has the biggest barrier reef in the world, Australian is home to the largest rocks on earth such as Uluru (the largest free standing rock in the world). Australia is also know for it's red soil in certain places. There are so many interesting things about Australia!

Which is a better place US UK Canada or Australia?

I would choose Australia if I were you cuz it sounds more interesting.

How has ancient Egypt society impact on Australia?

This is a very interesting question.

Why do you find paper chromatography so interesting?

It's not interesting.

What is so interesting about dwarf planets?

it is interesting because they are so small that they aren't called a planet.

What is the most interesting fact about the tour de France?

the most interesting fact about the tour de France is that all the riders except Australia are gay

What are girl guides in Australia like?

Girl guides in Australia are fun, happy, interesting girls! Just like all the other guiding countries!

Could the mood of a story be interesting?

Interesting is not a mood, so no. Interesting would be your opinion of the story, but it's not a mood.

Why are staplers so interesting?


Why panic attacks are so interesting?

Panic attacks are so interesting because once you hear it, you'll want to hear more and more till you are satisfy with it. That's why it's so interesting to hear about it!

What is in Melbourne Australia?

Federation Square is the arts area, with lots of interesting looking buildings. Melbourne is also the shopping and sports capital of australia. The home of AFL.

Is Rastafarian faith recognised in Australia?

That's a very interesting question. It is actually the official recognized religion in Australia! Anyone who disputes Rasta will be burned on the hemp.

Is Spain an interesting country?

Spain is quite interesting due to the bull fighting and all. so yes it is an interesting country.

Are animals interesting?

I think that animals are interesting because there are so many different species, interesting but not mean lovely at all.

What is the typical food you would eat in Australia?

Australia has an interesting selection of food. Steak, pavlovas (for dessert), lamingtons, Anzac biscuits, kangaroo meat and many more. Australia is the land of vegemite- a spread. It really depends on what you mean by 'typical food'. Australia offers so many flavours starting from the grubs of the bush. There's nothing 'typical', 'normal' or 'boring' about the food there!

Is it the right sentence The book is so interesting that I could not stop reading?

No.The be verb 'is' is present but 'could' is past.Either The book is so interesting I cannot stop readingor The book was so interesting I could not stop reading.

You are interesting?

You asked You are Interesting. I have to ask you. Are you interestinng and if so what makes you think you are interesting? If you have confidence in yourself, you will be interesting. What does it mean if someone says that you are interesting. If you get that response, it might be a bad thing, as specimens are interesting, but they are weird too. Interesting means that someone might think that you are mysterious, which is good, as women, as well as men, love a person who is holding back, so that they can chase them and figure them out.

Why is the Titanic interesting?

It depends on what you think of it. So if you think the Titanic is interesting you must know why.

How can you be interesting girl?

You are interesting in your own way, so don't try and be someone the opposite of you

Why was after life so interesting?

to egyptians it was interesting because it was where their souls went after their body died

What is so interesting about penguins?

They huddle!

What makes astrophysics so interesting?

WE!! :)

Is the movie Australia true?

Some of it, there was some licence taken to make history a bit more interesting.

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