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It is because he has written approximately 1127 compositions. He had a heart for music as well as being a musician.

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Q: Why is Bach music so popular?
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Who did Bach compose his music for?

Bach composed his music for people.

In what country did Bach write his music?

Bach wrote his music in Germany

Why did Bach write classical music?

Bach did not write classical music. He wrote baroque music.

What type of music did Bach compose?

Baroque Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer. He wrote several concertos, chorales, and pieces of music known as "Passions". His music was considered to be Baroque. Baroque music is a style of music that was popular during the 17th and 18th centuries.

What types of music did Bach write?

Bach wrote orchestra pieces for the symphony. Some of his most popular works include Minuet and Mass in B minor.

Where did bach live?

bach did not have an exact home because of all of his music travling so he was not in one place all the time.

Was the organ popular during Bach's life?

Music composed for and played on the organ was extremely popular during the lifetime of J.S. Bach (which I assume is the Bach being referred to). Master Bach had 20 children. 10 died in infancy and 3 went on to become composers/musicians themselves. None quite equalled Papa Bach, but Carl Philipp Emanuel (CPE Bach) didn't fall too far from the tree.

What was the last piece of music Bach wrote?

the last piece of music that Bach wrote was cantata.

Who made classical music popular?

Music in general has always been popular. In the Renaissance, the only music they had was music from composers such as Susato and had instruments such as the rommelpot (this instrument in real life is a straw and a lid on a cup. You pull the straw up and down and the sound you hear is the sound a rommelpot makes). Back then, that music was popular. As time progressed, the music composed in their era became popular and so on on and so forth. So the question of "who" made classical popular can't really be answered correctly. Every era had their "shining composer" such as Mozart in the classical era, and Bach in the baroque era. They made their music popular to their era and even now. When have you heard Morning by Grieg and immediately thought classical music? His music makes his era popular. Even now, if you ever get the chance to hear Einstein on the Beach by Phillip Glass, a modern composer, you'll find his music appealing and find that the music in our era is popular.

Who was Bach's first music teacher?

His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, town and court musician of Eisenach taught Johann Sebastian Bach music.

What are some popular choices of music for a piano recital?

You can play music from Johann Sebastian Bach or you can check out the website called FJH music. They have information on what are some good choices of music for a piano recital.

What made Johann Sebastian bach famous?

During JS Bach's lifetime (1685-1750), he was more well known as a performer than as a composer. Other composers such as Palestrina or Handel were far more popular during that time. The "Bach Revival" began in 1829 when Mendelssohn organized a performance of Bach's St. Matthew's Passion which had been neglected since Bach died in 1750. This became a turnpoint in the performance in Bach's music. 1850 an organization called the Bach Gesellshaft was founded, which was devoted to the finding, editing, and publication of Bach's music.His music is amazing! In analyzing any of Bach's music, the motivic developments, progressions, use of voices against other voices, is simply genious.

Where did bach learn his music?

some people think bach learn his music in france but really he learned it in germany

What two pieces of music did Bach wrote for flute?

the last piece of music that Bach wrote was cantata. and Greensleeves

When was Royal Academy of Music Bach Prize created?

Royal Academy of Music Bach Prize was created in 2006.

How was bach's character?

Bach had a terible temper, you can see this in some of his music.

What type music did Bach compose?

I'm not to sure so go 2 Bach fun facts on goggle (sorry it is my first time on here!!!!)

How does Bach's music affect music today?

I has shown us what talented work Bach composed and how awesome his mother was at cooking.

Why is blues music so popular?

it is so popular because it showed many different fellings and it was a jazz music .

How old was Johann Sebastian Bach begin playing music?

johann sebastian bach begun to play music at the age of 65

What was the most popular bach symphony?

The symphony was not invented until after Bach's death.

What type of music inspired most music of today?


What music did bach compose?

He composed mostly church music.

How did Bach perform his music?

He performed organ music at churches.

Why is Bach considered prolific in your times but not in his time?

Not so, he was considered a music genius all the time.