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Why is Benjamin Franklin the only non-president on money?

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I think Alexander Hamilton is on the 10 dollar bill.

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Who is the only man pictured on American money that was not elected president?

Benjamin Franklin

What did Benjermin Franklin do?

There is no Benjermin Franklin. Only a Benjamin Franklin, who discovered electricity.

Was Benjamin Franklin a freemason?

Brother Benjamin Franklin was not only a Freemason, but was named Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in 1734.

Is Benjamin Franklin an only child?

he had 4 other then himself

What names only works written by Benjamin Franklin?

His Autobiography

Who is Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was a noble man. He invented a lot of things and he was very smart. Benjamin Franklin also signed the declaration of independence. He was one of the founding fathers of america.Benjamin Franklin was a founding father. He was a writter, inventor, and political activist. He was also the only man to have his face on U.S. currency that was not a president.

What did Benjamin Franklin think about state representation?

Benjamin Franklin was all for State Representation. From his point of view, it was the only way for all the states to be united as a country.

Did Benjamin Franklin keep Slaves?

No, he did not. Benjamin Franklin lived in a time where slaves where kept but only in certain southern states. Ol' Ben lived in Pennsylvania.

What motivated Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin believed in natural law. He thought the only way to learn about this was through scientific investigation. He invented many things out of nervous energy.

Was Benjamin Franklin left-handed?

Benjamin Franklin was the only pres that was left handed so yes he was left handedBen Franklin was never a U.S. president.

Did Benjamin Franklin play sports?

Only if kite flying is considered a sport.

Who said death and taxes are the only sure thing in life?

Benjamin Franklin.

Who was the only scientist to sign the Declaration of Independence?

Easy one. Benjamin Franklin.

What jobs did Benjamin Franklin have?

Benjamin Franklin was a printer, writer, scientist, inventor, and the only one of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence, the treaty that ended America's war for independence and the Constitution.

Was Benjamin Franklin the only man to sign all four of the documents?

No, benjamin franklin was one of the people to sign the four documents. jOHN adams was also a person who signed the four documents

Who said Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you read?

Benjamin Franklin

Did Benjamin Franklin have a formal education?

Yes, He did! He had only one year he had everytjhinggujfhfvc

Who said believe none of what you read or hear and only half of what your see?

Benjamin Franklin

Who did Benjamin Franklin represent when he wrote the decloration of independence?

he didnt write it. he only signed it.

Who was the only American to appear on the us coin who were not presidents?

Benjamin Franklin - Half Dollar

What was Benjamin Franklin also member of?

As many of you know Benjamin Franklin was a very good inventor. But its sad that most people don't know that Benjamin Franklin was a delegate. A delegate is a person who went out from there state when the original thirteen colonies were formed.They sent out delegates because everybody thought of their state as one country. they all used different money. Ben Franklin was one of the delegates who went out to Philladelphia to work out what they should do. Rhode Island is the only state who didn't send delegates.

Why did Benjamin Franklin invent the Franklin stove?

Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin Stove because he wanted to improve heating systems during this time period. The fireplaces before this wre very poorly designed and only heated a small part of an area. He did not put a patent on thisite because he wanted to give other inventors a chance to invent things. Also, people probably did not have the money for this stove/fireplace so he didn't chrge them any money at all for this item.

Did Benjamin Franklin have 17 children in his family or 17 people in all?

Ben Franklin had only three children himself. It was his father, Josiah Franklin, who had 17 children.

How much is a 1959 Benjamin Franklin half dollar worth?

Uh, that's Benjamin Franklin. $100 bills are call "Bens" only as a matter of slang. I modified your question accordingly.1959 Franklin halves are pretty common in collections and are mostly worth their silver metal value only, about $6.

Did Benjamin Franklin say Remember that time is money?

Yes, he did. Remember, that time is money. He that can earn ten shillings a day by his labor, and goes abroad, or sits idle, one half of that day, though he spends but six pence during his diversion or idleness, ought not to reckon that the only expense; he has really spent, or rather thrown away, five shillings besides. - Benjamin Franklin (1748)