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Q: Why is Cassie acting strangely why doesn't she confide in her mother?
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Where can you see Cassie steele nude?

Type in Cassie steel nude in Google images or she doesnt have any pics :)

Does singer named Cassie have a crush on bow wow?

cassie doesnt have a crush on bowwow he had a crush on her and would not tell anyone he did him and omarion tried to get her

How did Chuck Norris start acting?

He doesnt act. Everything he does is real

Why is your boyfriend acting like he doesnt care anymore?

because he's a jerk :)

If a boy ignores you looks at you strangely or is mean to you does it mean he likes you?

no it means he considers you and likes to talk to u but doesnt want to show his feelings

What do you do if your crush is being picked on?

if you are sure he likes you back you stand up for him/her. if people look at you strangely it doesnt matter you stand up for them and see where it gets you

Do Shemar Moore have any children?

shemar doesnt have children "to much acting he says to have them"

How long has Ashlee Pallay been acting?

she doesnt hae an imdb so not much?

My cat has been acting very strangely. She randomly acts likes she doesnt know me and cowers and has little sneezes every so often but her eyes don't water. She also isn't as eager to eat either.?

bring to a vet asap she could be sick and may have eaten/drank something and been poisoned

How do you handle a girl who has trust issues and doesnt want to date you because she doesnt want to get hurt?

you have to give her time, let her warm up to the idea.let her confide in you and show her that you are there for her when she is feeling down and dont be pushy. that will scare her off...........and i dont think u want to do that

What does it mean when a guy stares at you but doesnt smile?

He thinks you're acting stupid, he thinks your pretty, or he likes you.

Do I had to be in acting class before I'll be famous?

no it doesnt but acting classes and stage school can open alot of doors. they will have main connections to talent agencies that can get you major roles. it would look great on a reseme or CV though if they knew you had previous experiences of acting or acting classes.

How can you tell if he want to break up?

When he doesnt pay you any attention anymore,and starts acting funny towards you.

If a lady dresses like a guy is she bi or gay?

It is a possibility but it doesnt mean she is for sure. She could be acting or pretending.

Do famous kids go to school or a special school or are they homeschooled?

well while acting in movies they are taught privately for a couple of hours but it doesnt really take time away from their acting :)

My dog is acting weird she is looking very miserable and she doesnt come when i shout her name she knows her name and is trained when i say come on for a walk she doesnt move any help?

if she doesnt move then she is ill and if she is not eating or anything like that take her to the vet

What disorder does Fred figglehorn have?

He doesnt he is just acting , you can look up lucas cruikshank on youtube , google or google images ....

Why does the vertical component of velocity for a projectile change with time whereas the horizontal components of velocity doesnt?

Because there is vertical force acting on the projectile (hint: the force of gravity), whereas there is no horizontal force acting on it.

Can a boy who doesnt act gay be gay?

Yes, because there is no such thing as "acting gay". Being gay is a sexual orientation, not a mannerism.

How do you if really love someone?

how you can tell is if he is acting funny he wont have sex with you .he wont open up to you and he doesnt flatter you like he used to

Does jaden smith go to acting camp?

NOO.. he doesnt his a true actor since birth. so leave him alone he doesnt need all these questions so stop askin these stupid questions...GOSHHH

How do ya get the lad you like to chase you with him already knowing you like him and he acting cool?

first, you go die. and than second, he doesnt care.

How can you tell if your boyfriend really does love you?

If he doesnt try to hard to impress you. if he is just acting normal around you. but a little attention is bad either!

Does slapping stop hysterical behavior?

no it doesnt, but acting more hysterical than them will make them feel left out and then stuff will happen. like explosions and fire.

If you want to be a actor and a singer which is the best choice Drama or Vocal Music?

drama because your acting and singing at the same time. Acting is more complicated than singing so drama gives you a good practice at both and vocal doesnt