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Cupid (Greek: Eros) is associated with Valentines Day because he is the god of sexual love/desire. His parents were the God of War Mars (Greek: Ares) and the goddess of love Venus (Greek: Aphrodite). Because of his mother being goddess of love, and himself being the god of sexual desire, Cupid has become a big part of Valentines Day. The way he would get people to fall in love with each other was to shoot his special arrows at them.

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Why is Cupid associated with valentines day?

He is Aphrodite's child, Why wouldn't he be associated with valentines day, hello people he puts LOVE arrows inside peoples butts not thorns.

How did Valentines Day start?


Why is cupid used in Valentine's Day?

Valentines day is the day for lovers, and cupid was the god of love.

Who originally celebrated valentines day?

cupid ?!

What valentines symbols are associated with Valentine's Day?

The most common valentines symbols associated with Valentine's Day include: hearts, Cupid, Cupid's bow and arrow, pink, and red. Flowers and chocolates have also become sort of symbols of Valentine's Day as well.

What was eros roman counter part?

His roman counterpart was cupid. That is how we got cupid for valentines day.

Symbols associated with Valentine's Day?

cupid, hearts, doves, and sweet smelling roses or other red flowerswell from what i see that is always around on valentines day is all the same stuff over and over again. Their could be many symbols that are associated with valentines day like hearts, cupid, and roses from what i have seen. Their could be more that i do not know about but this is just what i always see when that holiday comes around.

Why Is Cupid Related to Valentine's Day?

Because he is the God of Love and Valentines is the Love day

What flower is associated with valentines day?

A rose is typically associated with Valentine's Day.

Which holiday is cupid involved with?

Cupid is traditionally associated with Valentine's Day.

What holiday is Aphrodite associated with?

valentines day

What is the most common shape associated with Valentine's Day?

No other shape but the heart is associated with valentines day.

What roman festival is associated with valentines day?

The festival is Lupercalia

What is valentines cupid?

valentines cupid is a little baby in a white cloth nappy and carry's a heart shaped bow with arrows with hearts in the end

Why is there a picture of Cupid on many valentines?

SImply because Cupid is the god of Love.

Has the novice cupid or the veterans cupid delivered more valentines?

i think 2

What objects is cupid associated with?

Cupid is associated with a bow and arrow.

What objects are associated with cupid?

Cupid is associated with a bow and arrow.

What are things associated with Valentine's Day?


What are some things associated with Valentine's Day?

Cupid, the heart, LOVE!

What does Earth and Valentine's Day have to do with Greek and Roman mythology?

Valentines day is influenced by a Greek god named Cupid or Eros and Earth day has to do with Mother Earth or Terra.

Who is the greek god associated with Valentine's Day?

Cupid. His roman name is Eros.

Name a holiday that's associated with candy?

halloween, valentines day, easter, Christmas

What is the winged child shooting arrows at unsuspecting Valentines called?


Is there school on valentines day?

there is no school on valentines day