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Darry is upset with Ponyboy because he had accidently fell asleep with Johnny at the drive in. Ponyboy realized it was late and has to go home while he left Johnny there. Ponyboy had went home to Darry who was yelling at him because he was worried. Darry let it get the best of him so he hit Ponyboy. Ponyboy had never been hit before so he didn't know what to do, but run away with Johnny. After they run away Darry realizes he did wrong.

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good job the best answer ever

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Why is darry upset with ponyboy?

Darry is upset with Ponyboy because Ponyboy is 2 hours past his curfew. Ponyboy was watching the stars with Johnny and fell asleep which made him late.

Why is Darry upst with ponyboy?

Darry is upset with Ponyboy because Ponyboy has the chance to be and do something with his life, but Ponyboy is not listening and wasting his talents. Ponyboy is a bright kid, but he does not use his head half the time and that is why Darry gets so mad and upset with him.

Why does Darry hit Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

Darry hits Ponyboy because it was late and Pony was not home, Darry and Soda-pop were both worried and wondered where Ponyboy could be at that time...Then when Ponyboy came back Darry was upset and slaped Ponyboy but he didn't really mean it...

How does ponyboy relationship with Darry and sodapop?

darry scolded ponyboy because of his way of living his life. Stuck in the past with johnnys and darrys death soda pop got upset because all darry and ponyboy do was fight.

What evidence is there of a tension between ponyboy and darry?

After Ponyboy falls asleep in the lot and comes home at 2 A.M., Darry is upset and worried. He yells at Ponyboy, criticizes his excuse and hits him.

What was the worst part of The Outsiders?

the worst part in the outsiders was when Darry hit Ponyboy and he ran away. Ponyboy was very upset and he didn't know what to think. Darry was upset too because he never hit Ponyboy. Darrydidn't mean to hit him he just got carried away.

What does darry tell ponyboy after the fire?

After the fire Darry tells Ponyboy that he was scared of death because Ponyboy ran away. Darry tells Ponyboy that he is sorry for what he did to Ponyboy.

Why did Darry slap Ponyboy across the face?

Darry slapped Ponyboy during an arguement. Ponyboy had fallen asleep in the vacant lot with Johnny and hadn't gotten home until 2 AM. Soda tried to stick up for Ponyboy and Darry yelled at Soda. When Ponyboy raised his voice to his oldest brother, Darry hit him. Darry was not really angry at Pony...he was just scared that something had happened to him and was upset that Pony had done something as careless as fall asleep in the lot.

What is the differences between ponyboy and darry?

darry is Ponyboys brother, of course. He cares for Ponyboy and poses as his guardian. Yet, Ponyboy does not realize Darry's love for him; Darry is cruel to Ponyboy because he realizes Ponyboy's talents and wants him to succeed in life. But Ponyboy takes this as "Darry hates me". This creates a collosus family chasm between Ponyboy and Darry. Darry is 21 and ponyboy is 14.

What happens when ponyboy comes home after curfew?

His brothers Darry and Soda get worried that he is out past his curfew and Darry got mad at Ponyboy and hit him after Soda was sticking up for Ponyboy and then Darry started to yell at Soda and then Ponyboy started yelling at Darry for yelling at Soda and after that was when Darry hit Ponyboy.

What does soda says that makes ponyboy look at his relationship with Darry differently?

Soda tells Ponyboy that Darry loves him (Ponyboy) but he does not understand him. Ponyboy only see the strict side of Darry.

What time does ponyboy get home in the outsiders?

When Ponyboy falls asleep in the Lot with Johnny Cade, he does not get home until 2 in the morning. This is when Darry gets upset with him, they fight, and Ponyboy runs away.

Does Darry love Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

Darry and Ponyboy are brothers. Yes, even though Darry doesn't really show it, he cares very much for Ponyboy

Where did ponyboy go after darry hit him?

Ponyboy meets up with Johnny after Darry hits him.

Why Darry upset with ponyboy?

Because he came home late, because Pony fell asleep in the lot with Johnny.

How does darry feel about ponyboy?

I think that Darry likes Ponyboy in some ways. He kinda thinks that Ponyboy is a good kid.

Why did it upset ponyboy when Darry hit him?

It upset Ponyboy because no one ever hit him before. Not even his parents. " Darry wheeled around and slapped me so hard that it knocked me against the door. Suddenly it was deathly quiet. We all had frozen. Nobody in my family had ever hit me. Nobody." pg.50

Why don't Ponyboy and Darry get along in The Outsiders?

Ponyboy feels Darry is bossy, always on his case.

How does Darry react when ponyboy finally come home?

Darry gets in a fight with Ponyboy and hits him

When did ponyboy realize that darry really loved him?

Ponyboy finally realized Darry loved him when he was in the hospital waiting room and he saw Darry crying for him.

When has ponyboy seen Darry cry?

Ponyboy has seen Darry cry at the hospital when he went to see Ponyboy after the fire incident to take him home. It was the first time Ponyboy ever saw Darry cry. Your welcome โ˜บ

When does ponyboy relizes that Darry loves him'?

at the hospital,ponyboy sees darry crying for the first time and he hugs him.

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