Why is Denmark famous?

A mixed bag of suggestions :
Vikings leaving an impression on at leat the English and French
Fairytales by H. C. Andersen
The Kronborg castle which is the location of Shakespear's Hamlet
The unique resque of the Jewish population during WW2
The Cartoon crisis

Some famous Danes in chronological order:
Astronomer Tycho Brahe : Measured the distance to Supernova proving that even the furthers parts of the visible universe was dynamic, and thus not created once and for all by God at the begining of time.
Scientist Ole Römer: The first to measure the speed of light.
H.C. Ørsted : Discoverer of Electromagnetism
Philosofer Søren Kirkegaard : One of the founders of Existentialism.
Scientist (& Philosofer) Niels Bohr : Invented spheric model of the Atom and made virtal contributions to quantum physics. Was working actively for internaltional control of neuclear weaponos after WW2. Both he and his son have been awarded the nobel prize, but 50 years aprart.