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a man named richard from the 40s or 50s nick named dick because he was a Detective named Richard aka DICK RICK The name Richard is very old and it's true origins may well be lost in the depths of time past. 'Richeard' is a name from Old English where 'Ric' meant ruler and 'heard' meant hard. In those days of yore, before word-processors, everything was written down and abbreviations became common and agreed upon. Also in the 13th century rhyming slang became popular so Richard becomes Rich and eventually Rick which rhymes with Dick. Much like William - Will - Bill. 'Dick' eventually, like 'Jack', came to mean all men as in "every Tom, Dick, or Harry". Shakespeare uses "every Tom, Dick, or Francis" in Henry IV Part I.

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Q: Why is Dick a nickname for Richard?
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Is the name Dick in the Bible?

No. Dick is a nickname for Richard and Richard is an English name.

Hick as nickname for Richard?

Usually the nickname for those named Richard is Dick.

What is the meaning of the name of dick?

Dick is a common nickname of Richard.

What is the difference between Dick and Richard?

Dick is usually a nickname for Richard, but it may be a given name.

What is a common nickname for 'Richard'?

Another name for Richard is: Dick

What is name Dick short for?

"Dick" is typically a nickname for the name Richard.

Why did critics of richard nixon give him the nickname tricky dick-?

The reason why critics of Richard Nixon gave him the nickname tricky dick was because of his dirty campaign practices. He was given this nickname in the 50s.

Does the word Richard really mean dick?

No, the name Dick is a nickname for the name Richard. The name Richard means "strong power."

Who had the nickname tricky dick?

Richard trickey dick Nixon one of our presidents President Richard M. Nixon Richard NixonThat's "Tricky Dick". It refers to President Richard Nixon.

What does the word Richard Cranium mean?

A common nickname for Richard is Dick. A cranium is a head. Therefore...

Did Richard Nixon have nicknames?

"Tricky Dick" or "Tricky Dicky" were heard as early as his first political campeigns in 1946 (Dick is a common nickname for Richard).

What is Richard M. Nixon nickname?

tricky dick and red hunter

What does name 'Richard' mean?

Powerful leader. Although the nickname for Richard is Dick. XD

Why did Richard Nixon get the nickname tricky dick?

He associated his political rivals with Communism

Why did Richard wagstaff clark change his name to dick clark?

There was no legal change that I know of, but why would he have to? Dick is a nickname for Richard. Going by first and last name like most of us, he would be...Dick Clark!

What nick name did the press give to Richard Nixon?

The nickname given to Richard Nixon by the press in the 1950s was Tricky Dick.

How did Richard Nixon get the nickname Tricky Dick?

Helen Gahagan Douglas gave him this nick name during the 1950 U.S. Senate race in California, in reference to Nixon's alleged use of dirty tricks during the campaign, mixed with a common nickname for Richard; Dick, hence "Tricky Dick".

How did the name 'robert' turn into the nickname of 'dick'?

It does not. Robert is shortened to Rob Robby, Robbie or Bob. Richard is shortened to Rich, Ricky and Dick

Is dick a bad word?

Yes, with a lower-case D it is. With a capital D it is a nickname for Richard.

Because of his political action Richard Nixon was given the nickname?

" Tricky Dick" was his nick name

What was Richard Nixon nickname?

Richard Nixon had a total of three nicknames in his lifetime. His nicknames were Slick Rick, Red Hunter, and Tricky Dick.

How do you say the name dick in french?

It's pronounced nearly the same as in English. However, "Dick" is not a nickname used for Richard in French, also Richard (Ree-shard) exists as a proper French name.

What were Richard Nixon's nicknames?

The nickname "Tricky Dick" was given to Nixon by his opponent Helen Gahagan Douglas during the 1950 race for Senate.

Why did critics of Richard Nixon give him the nickname Tricky Dick?

Because he called his opponent a Communist sympathsizer.

What was Richard the 1st's nickname?

In history, Richard the firsts nickname was Richard the Lionheart.

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