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I guess because they are related....Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus and Easter is celebrating the death and resurection (coming back to life) of Jesus.


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The Most Important date after Easter and Christmas is Ascension Day.

Yes. Easter is more important than Christmas because without Easter we would not be able to enter heaven. Easter has always been considered more important than Christmas to Christians (although Christmas is still important)

Christmas and Easter: Christmas celebrates Jesus' birth. Easter celebrates the Resurrection.

the holiday important as christmas is lent a piriot of 40-day

Easter and Christmas- also Pentecost is important.

Jesus came to save people and rise from the dead. So his coming to Earth and his rising from the dead are important events. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. At Easter, they celebrate Jesus rising from the grave. Although it is not as widely celebrated as Christmas, Easter is the most important of the two events, and is the most important event in Christianity.

The most important times for Catholics are: Advent Christmas and the Christmas Season Lent Holy Week, including the Triduum Easter and the Easter Season Pentecost, perhaps the most important since it marks the birthday of the Church.

Easter Christmas Whitsun (coming of the Holy Spirit)

Muslims do not celebrate Christmas or Easter.

A good concluding sentence for Christmas is "Have a very happy Christmas everyone!" For Easter, just change Christmas to Easter.

Both Easter and Christmas celebrate Jesus Christ's life. Christmas is a celebration of His birth and Easter is a celebration of His resurrection.

Christmas represents the birth of Jesus. Easter his death.

1000 Countries celebrates Christmas and Easter.

I guess if your going by religion (Christianity), Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, conquering the death of the soul and eternal damnation. Impossible WITHOUT Christmas, though.

Passover, Lent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Advent, Reformation Sunday. Additional Answer; There are many christian festivals. but the two most important ones (in my opinion) is Easter and Christmas.

the most important holiday is Christmas then Easter then the day of the dead which is in November 2

Easter Sunday and Christmas Day Easter and Christmas were both pagan holidays first. Easter is Spring Equinox and Christmas is the Winter solstice.

Yes Mormons believe in christ and therefore celebrate Christmas. It is an extremely important holiday in our religion along with Easter.

Christmas, Easter and 17. May. Winter-holidays and fall holidays is also holidays there, but not very important.

For what religion? for Christianity in general, i would say that Christmas and Easter Sunday are the two most important holidays

Easter because that was the day Jesus was crucified and died for our sins.i should say Christmas is more important because of the meaning of the said holidays. Christmas's spirit is love, giving, family and all that good stuff wherein Easter is remembering the sacrifices of Jesus for us to save us from our sins.

No, people in Suriname celebrate Easter on May 1st and Christmas on the 25th.

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