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The man has had 16 years of Wrestling in his life, and not one world title shot? I'd be PO'd as well.

Answerbecause to make wrestling interesting it needs a heel and a good guy. its edges turn to be heel. The rock has been heel, stone cold has, mick foley has most wrestlers become a hell at some point. Answerthis may noy answer youre question but it all started at Taboo Tuesday, Shawn Michaels, chris beniot and edje were all up for the chance to take on hhh for the world title. Shawn michaels got picked edje was mad and so he interfered in shawns match even though Shawn was going to win it( after edge saying he never would)he speard him and put him out for 2 months.The Eric bischoff aranged a 6 man elimination chamber at new pay per view New years revolution.the special referee was Shawn michaels.Shawn clearly stated that he would retaliate physicaly if anyone were to touch him.during the match edge speared Shawn and then Shawn sweet chin musiced him(quite write)makin edge get pinned for 3.edge one the money-in-the-bank ladder match at wrestlemania 21 for a contract to face the world champ any time he wanted in 2005.There is a rumor going round saying that edge will win the title and then HBK will take it away from him. AnswerBecuase Mr. Money in the Bank is rich n he can do w/e he wants Answerhe completely messed cena out of the title cena was the number 2 entrant in the elimination chamber and ended up winning then edge cashes in the money in the bank and the first spear he only gets a 2 count then hits another spear for the 3 count sux
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Q: Why is Edge being so bad at the moment?
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