Why is Erin Simpson so mean to all of the guests on her show?

The Erin Simpson Show (week days on TV2) is a show that brings celebrity's on to make fun of them. Some say the host Erin Simpson does it to boost her own self-esteem, but no one fully knows why she does it. Most of the time they bring on celebrity's that have had a past drug history and make fun of them for that, other times there have been racist and homophobic comments made at guests. Or the time Erin said "If you win an award for something, it's because you look handicapped". Right in front of Oscar winner Tom Hanks. Another shocking time was when she said to Lady Gaga "I hate all gay-rights stuff, just ship them all off to a small island, stop whining, and sing already". TVNZ has been trying to pull the show since it first started, but can not because it is made by Jason Gunn's wife, and know if it is taken off air that Jason Gunn will no longer support them and sell off his shares in the company.