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Ernie Dingo is famous for being a great comedian in some of his acting roles, and for being a successful Indigenous Australian television personality.

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Q: Why is Ernie Dingo famous?
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Related questions

What is Ernie Dingo famous for?

Ernie Dingo is a famous actor and presenter in film and television. He is also a comedian, teacher, and promoter.

Goolagong Freeman and Dingo are all famous Australian what?

Evonne Goolagong, Cathy Freeman and Ernie Dingo are all famous aboriginal Australians. Ernie Dingo is a well-known television personality and entertainer; Evonne Goolagong is a famous tennis player; Cathy Freeman is a successful and talented athlete.

What are Ernie Dingo's contributions to society?

becuase he if famous

How tall is Ernie Dingo?

Ernie Dingo is 187 cm.

Is Ernie Dingo married?

Ernie Dingo is married to Sally Dingo, whom he married in 1989.

What is the birth name of Ernie Dingo?

Ernie Dingo's birth name is Ernest Ashley Dingo.

Was Ernie Dingo part of the stolen generation?

No! Ernie Dingo was not part of the Stolen Generations.

When did Ernie Dingo become famous?

With his appearance in the 1987 drama The Fringe Dwellers.

What is the name of Ernie Dingo's mother?

Bessie Dingo

How old is Ernie Dingo?

Ernest "Ernie" Dingo is 60 years old (born July 31, 1956)

Where is Ernie Dingo's birth place?

Ernie Dingo was born on Bullardoo Station, not far from the town of Mullewa in Western Australia.

Where did Ernie Dingo start his career?

Ernie Dingo Started his career in Geralton High School, Dancing in performances, playes and acting

What tv show is Ernie Dingo doing?

Currently, Ernie Dingo appears on The Great Outdoors, an Australian travel show.

What are Ernie Dingo's achievements?

He was awarded aboriginal of the year!! GO ERNIE

What date was Ernie dingo born on?

Ernie Dingo was born on July 31st, 1956 (age 55) in Bullardoo, Western Australia. Hope this helped. :)

Does Ernie Dingo live in Brisbane?

No. Australian aboriginal celebrity Ernie Dingo lives in Warrandyte, and small town about 30 kilometres northeast of Melbourne.

Is Ernie dingo dead yet?


When did Ernie Dingo Marry?


Is Ernie dingo on tv in 2012?


When was Ernie dingo born?

he was born in 1956

Is Ernie Dingo an Aboriginal?

Yes He is! What do you think?

Who are Ernie dingo's parents?

tyrell and victoria

Who is the host of The Great Outdoors?

Ernie Dingo

What year did Ernie dingo get married?


How did Ernie dingo helped the aboriginals?

he didnt