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Why is French the language of love?

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When I took French in high school, I recall the teacher telling us, No wonder it's called the language of love. Many of the pronunciations require you to pucker your lips, which would in a sense be like kissing.

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I'm French so I dont know but I have friends English speaker who told me that it's the nasal vowels that sound very nice to them, the pronunciation is romantic, the intonation is very pleasing too, a very 'lippy' language. Meaning that you really have to stick your lips out to make the right sounds. And an unique way of expressing love . Visit France then you'll know why, You'll find lots of love there. ( Je t'aime! Je t'aime! )

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Is french the language of love?

many people call french the language of love because it sounds romantic. when people speak french, they will pucker their lips to pronounce the words correctly. The language has a smooth sound, which is pleasant to your ears and makes it more appealing. so yes, french is the language of love.

If French is the language of love what is Portuguese?

Portuguese is the language of nostalgia.

You love French music in French?

Vous aimez la musique française. This is how you say "you love French music" in the French language.

What is French language is famous for?

Mainly being spoken amongst the French people, and being the language of "Love".

How do you say in french language i love you?


What is the official language of love?

There is no actual official language of love. However, many people believe French to be the language of love, possibly because of its tone and rhythm.

What language says 'Je t'aime' for 'I love you'?

The language for "Je t'aime" is French

We Love You in french language?

nous vous aimons

What language is Le ovele ouye?

It is i love you in french

How do you say Love in any native language?

je t'aime....French for I Love You!

Why is French called the language of love?

French is called the language of love because it is a Romance language, which is not because it is romantic (but romance languages often are) but because it originated from Roman (get it, roman - romance) but it is also called the language of love because it sounds like liquid is pouring out of the speakers mouth and it is such a beautiful language.

If french is the language of love then what is English the language of?

English would probably be the language of honesty and respect. It might.

What is the original language of love is it french portugues or spanish?

Spanish is known as the 'Language of romance.'

What are two things for which french culture is famous?

clothing Wine & Love, since French are supposed to be amorous and is the language of love

How do you say I love yourself in french?

J'aime toi même is the translation in French language. It is the translation of the phrase I love yourself.

Is spanish the language of love?

If it isn't THE language of love, it is certainly up there with french and italian. All three are often considered the "language of love", although there is much debate regarding which language truly deserves the title.

What does the word love mean in the Canadian language?

Canada has two official languages: English and French. English: love French: l'amour

Do all children of Aphrodite automatically speak french?

yes because french is the language of love and aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty.

What is a fact about the French language?

French is a Romance language. The French language derived from Vulgar Latin. There are around 220 million French speakers worldwide. French has a great number of homophones. About 45% of modern English words are of French origin. Along with English, French remains an influential language in the diplomatic world.

How do you say mom we love you in French?

The French language equivalent is Maman, je vous aime.

How do i say..i love my mum in french language?

its; J'Adore ma mére = i love my mum (:

How do you say signed with love in french language?

signé avec l'amour

How do you say the language of love in french?

le langage de l'amour

How do you say I love you very much in french?

The English words of affection "I love you very much" definitely has a translation in French, the language of love. In French one would say "Je t'aime beaucoup".

If French is the language of love what is German the language of?

German is consider to be the language of science. Some also claim that it is the language that poetry is best expressed. And Germans call it the language of poets and thinkers. Where as French is considered to be a Romantic language; German is considered to be a Gothic language.

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