Why is God so obsessed with getting glory?

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I think you have the a misconception. God created all things, He needs nothing from any man. But He is worthy to be praised and to have all the Glory.


As a Christian, I praise and worship Jesus Christ for dieing on the cross for me, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Who am I that God needs me... but I surely need Him in everything I do and thanks be to God he loves us.

I have been truly been blessed to be an eyewitness to real Miracles of healing. Does God need me, no, but He is worthy to be praised and He dwells in the praise of His people.

Even more blessed than me are the people that did not see and believe by faith alone.
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What is the glory of God?

To define "What is the glory of GOD", we need to understand the terminology of glory. Glory as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as: . something that is a source of honor, fame, or admiration . resplendent beauty or magnificence . a state of great splendor, magnificence . surrounding radi ( Full Answer )

What is Gold Glory and God?

"Gold, God, and Glory" is a phrase giving the reasons why the early Italian explorers went to the Americas. When you think of the actual trip the Spanish had to endure to reach America from Italy, they had to have very important reasons to risk starvation, drowning, disease, and murder. Rumors of go ( Full Answer )

Why are people so obsessed with sports?

Beacause it's human nature. in prehistoric times, people's instincts told them to be violent in order to be able to hunt, drive off enemies, and force their way to the top of the food chain and/or the social ladder. now that instinct is still around, hence the wars throughout history. it's part of e ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase gold glory and god?

The origin of the phrase "Gold, glory, and God" can be traced backto early Spanish explorers that traveled to North America. This wasa term they would use to explain why they were on their journey.

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The reason girls are so obsessed with "Twilight" and Edward Cullen isn't because he's got the perfect body, the perfect looks, or because he's a vampire. When you read the books you put yourself in place of Bella, when she falls in love so do you, when she faints, you get lightheaded yourself. He k ( Full Answer )

WHAT IS Gold glory god?

"Gold, Glory, God" is a phrase giving the reasons why the early Italian explorers went to the Americas. When you think of the actual trip the Spanish had to endure to reach America from Italy, they had to have very important reasons to risk starvation, drowning, disease, and murder. Rumors of gold - ( Full Answer )

Why does God hide his glory?

God doesn't hide His glory.. The thing is - God's glory is unapproachable to us mortals. We would really have to be completely perfect - anything less falls short of His glory and could not get close.. That's why Jesus is our go-between - he bridges that gap.

Who sang glory to God in the highest?

Luke 2:13 says it was "a multitude of the heavenly host...". They are also called "angels of God" (Gen. 28:12),"His angels" (Ps. 103.20), and "ministering spirits" (Dan. 7:10, Hebrews 1:14).

Who said god gold and glory?

the spanish and European explorers in the 15th and 16th century used this as motive to explore wherever they went lul

Why are people so obsessed with health?

People are obsessed with health because it is something that can determine you life. When you have poor regard to health, then you may have poor regard to life as well. It is something that can easily be spent or removed or damaged so it is of high concern to most people.

Why are people so obsessed with celebrities?

It could be because if they read about celebrities in a magazine or something, then they feel that they are just normal people and more like them. Also, it makes it seem as if they are your friends.

What type of prayer is the Glory to God?

Any prayer that is spoken humbly and meant to glorify God, and not the one praying. Anything that is "heart felt". And "meant". Will glorify God.

What was god gold and glory?


Why are people so obsessed about twilight?

The fanbase is mostly teenage girls, who can relate to the main character. Edward is also a very popular character, being what most women think of as the ideal boyfriend. It is a very dramatic and engrossing story, and well written. . --------------------------- . It's not challenging; it's quite ( Full Answer )

Why are people so obsessed with Twilight?

Edward is hott, Jacob is fine , and Bella is annoying. ^ ^ ^ he is a He has suicidal Vampie a beautiful braty for gods tan, and he is cant decide if she likes the vampie or the warewolf sake ripped more!

Why does God keep Himself at a distance when He could be among us so we won't have to believe because we will know and see God as He is with all His beauty love power glory...?

Because God created man with Free Will, and for that to mean anything, man must choose for himself. God present around man in a tangible way would negate man's freedom to choose to believe or not, thereby nullifying the gift of free will. . It is the worshippers' fault, they aren't worthy . He is ( Full Answer )

Why are nerds so obsessed with Pokemon?

Some people have a diesese called Pokeitis. The only cure is 2 packs of Tylenol a day, subscribe to Hobos Anonymous Monthly, and be forced to watch Oprah for 14 hours a day. For more information, please contact growupyoustupidnerds.com . Ciao!

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Because it is the closes thing we have to magic.. OR . I think it's because love makes people feel good. And people want to feel good. Also, I think it's facinating. The Chemistry of the body and stuff.

How can you bring glory to GOD?

1Cor:15:43: It is sown in dishonour; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; it is raised in power: Glory means to give honor or respect. So to give glory to GOD, one must live in such a way that would invoke respect not only for oneself, but for GOD.

Why is everyone so obsessed with youth?

Because aging means getting old and dying. People are afraid to die. A preoccupation with youth is an attempt to deny the inevitable.

I need a speech about to God be the Glory?

Better start writing! You don't have much time!. ANSWER #2 . Depending which religion you follow, you may wish to incorporate one of the following into your speech.. 1) The Lord's Prayer, with which you may be familiar. In the protestant version of this prayer there is a variation at the end of t ( Full Answer )

How do you get the glory of God?

Read the book of John in the New Testament and you will find out how to gain salvation and then become a follower of Jesus. John is not the only book on the subject in the Bible, but it is a great launching point for a someone curious with matters involving Christ. God bless!

Why is twilight so obsessive?

because twilight is an AMAZING series,and the movies are pretty sewwt too.this is coming from a twilight fan,btw=]

What does gold glory and god refer to?

This refers to the quest that the Spaniards set out on. . "Gold" implies riches, or in actuality, silver and gold, which they hoped to find and bring back to their country. . "Glory" is self-explanitory, wanting fame and recognition for their adventures. . "God" refers to their quest to spread th ( Full Answer )

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The Answer to this question lies in the sexual selection of our predecessors or ancestors, Most men are obsessed by the size of there penis because most probably in our past the men with bigger genitalia might have had better chances of propagating there gene and hence more success at mating. Thi ( Full Answer )

The greater glory of god mean?

The existence of God is very confusing. But he was never made. He always existed. The human mind has trouble wrapping their mind around such a concept.

What should you do if you are getting too obsessed with sex?

Addiction of any sort is a problem- food addiction can lead to obesity drug addiction can lead to death and Sexual addiction is no exception. It is a real physical and mental illness which can lead to a whole slew of bad outcomes- contracting STDs such as Syphilis/herpes or even AIDS and the thoug ( Full Answer )

Why are cats so obsessed with chicken?

Cats are no more obsessed with chicken than we are. It tastes good, but they also like other kinds of meat and fish. They are carnivores, so of course they don't have to eat vegetables. An individual cat may decide that only one particular food is acceptable, but that's just how cats are.

Why are boys so obsessed with COD?

boys are so obsessed with cod because it is the best game ever made. it's like boys saying why are girls so obsessed with makeup? COD is the best. Because MOST boys (i was pretty surprised that they didn't call it all!) like violence, swearing and guns and COD has all of that, SOME NOT ALL girls w ( Full Answer )

Kind of prayer glory to god is?

Any prayer that's humble to god and not of evil god accepts ..... the songs says he's a prayer answering god ... just when we need him the most he is there...

Why are guys so obsessed with girls?

Girls are attractive! God created humans with the desire for the opposite sex! It's not unnatural like how YOU phrase the question.

How can God turn revolutions for his glory?

A: Revolutions to overthrow tyrants or restore human rights, such as we have witnessed recently in Egypt and elsewhere, belong to the people and no one should try to use them for other purposes. Nevertheless, the Iranian revolution was taken over by the clergy, supposedly for the glory of God, and ( Full Answer )

Why is the world so obsessed with vampires?

cos the're coool Well, it started with Stephanie Meyer, and her glitter ball emo creatures, they were a bestseller, but not really enough to start an obsession. Then, (*sigh*) the films come out....with Robert Patterson. Miraculously, all the R.P fans of the world become vampire obsessives. W ( Full Answer )

How can one give God glory?

It all has to do with recognizing that He is creator, and we are His creation. He does not need us to complete Himself, but we need Him to complete us. Once we understand that, there are many ways to do it. The most common are singing to Him, playing instruments for Him, praying, defending and car ( Full Answer )

Why are humans so obsessed with their 'money'?

Money = power. if you have enough money you can do almost anything. I makes the world go round. even if you say something else like a child is more important than money you still need money to feed, clothe, and shelter said important thing. Also money = objects. We humans like to have things, we lik ( Full Answer )

Do you share in the glory of God?

Absolutely! Sharing gods glory gives other people a chance to get to know god and also be a part of it! Although gods glory is everywhere not everyone picks up on it

What do you say after Glory to God in the highest?

If you're one of the angels in Luke, then you say "and on Earth peace to men on whom His favor rests." If you're somebody else, you say ... whatever you want to say, I suppose.