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Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Al Sobrante (aka John Kiffmeyer) happened to be watching an episode of Sesame Street, where the character Oscar the Grouch happened to exclaim, "I'm having such a Green Day!" In his case, it only mean spending the whole day lazing around at home, but the actual meaning included smoking weed. Since Sweet Children were avid pot-fans, that sentence by Oscar influenced them to change Sweet Children's name to Green Day. Also, there was another band floating around called 'Sweet Baby' and Larry Livermore, Lookout! Records' owner didn't want any confusions.

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What was Green Day before they were called green day?

they were originally called sweet children.

Where can you find the song Paranoia by Green Day?

green day doesnt have a song called paranoia, the do have a song called panic song though

Was green day once called green jelly?

NO!!!Green Day was always Green Day.... Green Day as we know it today has always been Green Day, but Billie Joe and Mike were in a band named Sweet Children.

Who started Green Day?

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and a drummer/percussionist called John in 1987, Green Day was formaly called 'Sweet Children'. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and a drummer/percussionist called John in 1987, Green Day was formaly called 'Sweet Children'.

Who did the song called peace maker?

Green Day

How did the band green day get its name?

well they started off being called sweet children but then when they became adults the called it green day witch is based on weed

Is joey in green day taken?

There is no Joey in Green Day. However, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has a son named Joey that is single. Joey is in a band called Emily's Army

What band is more popular Green Day or Nickelback?

Green Day was a little more popular, but after nickleback made the album called "Dark Horse" they became less popular and Green Day made 21st Centery Breakdown Green Day became more popular and the are making a Green Day Rock Band :)

Did Green Day release an album called Minneapolis?

Yes they did.

What is the new green day album called?

buffalo soldier...

Is there a song called Start The Party by Green Day?


What were green day called before they were famous?

Sweet Children

What is the greenhouse effect called?

the green house effect called global warming,and the global warming is increasing day-by-day.

What is Ashley Tisdale's favorite band?

Its Called Green Day Band.

What is the new green day CD called?

21st Century Breakdown

Is there a song called Firefly to Your Heart by Green Day?

no there isn't sorry

Does green day have a biography?

Yes. The book is called "Nobody likes you".

What are green day fans called?

Nimrods in relation to their album Nimrod

What are the little green man from st Patrick's day called?

Leprechaun .

Does Green Day have a song called Green Day?

Yes, they do. It was one of their first songs. It's track 5 on the album 1039/Smoothed out happy hours.

Which band sings the song titled Holiday?

The Bee Gees released a song called 'Holiday' in 1967. and green day. its awesome. ( the green day one)

When was green day founded?

In the late 80's, Green Day were actually called "Sweet Children", but they changed the name after Billie Joe's first high experience. So Sweet Children was back in 1987 and Green Day was 1989.

What is green day new album called?

currently the newest album is called '21st Century Breakdown'

What is the music video called where a girl's boyfriend leaves for the army?

Its Called "When September Ends" By Green Day

What is green clothes day?

green cloths day is when you where green clothing on that day, that day is June 18 .

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