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It is broken. AC's usually blow cold air.

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2011-05-12 01:47:06
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2020-09-12 13:26:34

I need a part For the air-conditioning unit 2000 Honda accord

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2020-09-12 13:27:14

Air-conditioning car unit 2000 Honda accord I need a part for the unit

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Q: Why is Honda Accord AC blowing hot air?
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My air conditioner on my 1990 Honda accord was working fine then i changed my alternator and now its blowing out hot air why?

You probably inadvertantly unplugged the clutch connector for the A/C

For Honda accord 94' ex heater problem you just replace everything that deals with heater but there's no air blowing out you was just wandering what else you can do?

is the blower motor running? or is it just not blowing hot air?

Where is the main relay on a Honda accord?

In hot weather my Honda Accord 2000 starts but idles rough and dies.

Why is Ford Mondeo blowing hot air?

2 ford mondeo not blowing hot air air con works

Why is 1994 Honda Accord Lx hard to start when weather is hot?

crank no start hot weather1991 Honda accord no start hot . but will start for a second with starting fluid . not getting fuel

What is wrong if on a 1989 Honda Accord LXi the air hi-lo and heat panel does not light up and the AC does not blow out hot air?

fuse / in-line breaker

Hot air is not blowing in your 1996 Mercury Mystique?

air is blowing bat problem is no air com to front only in class

What is a Warm or hot air blowing device?

a blowdryer

Why is your home air conditioner blowing air but no cold air is coming out?

my air conditionel is blowing hot air what i need to do how i put air in my home window conditional

Why is the compressor so hot on the refrigerator and no cold air is blowing out?

The compressor is so hot b/c there are fans inside that push the hot air out of the refrigerator. No cold air is blowing out b/c the cold air is going into the fridge.

2000 Corvette air conditionig blowing hot air not cold?

when turning on air conditionor for cold air only get hot

Why the heater on a 1997 Honda accord doesn't blow hot air?

Replace the thermostat first. If it is stuck open, engine may not get a chance to warm up.

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