Jacques Cousteau

Why is Jacques-Yevs Cousteau famous?

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Where did jacqyes cousteau live?

The famous oceanologist Jacques Cousteau lived in France.

Why is Jaques Cousteau famous?

he was an famous oceanographer and loves the sea

What famous oceanographers are there?

there is Jacques cousteau from 1910-1971

Why is Jacques Cousteau famous?

One of the many things Jacques Cousteau is famous for is the creation of scuba gear. Scuba stands for : Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Jacques Cousteau's family?

Jacques Cousteau was a famous deep sea explorer. He was married twice, first to Simone Cousteau, and then to Francine Cousteau until his death. He had four children, Jean Michel, Phillipe, Diane, and Pierre Yves Cousteau.

What are some famous women who explored the ocean?

COUSTEAU!amelia airheart. she is still there

How many things did jacques cousteau invent?

Jacques Cousteau was a world famous oceanographer. He invented the Aqua-Lung, wrote many books, and appeared in hundreds of documentaries.

Why is Jacques-Yves Cousteau famous?

He was famous for his marine explorations. Cousteau was a biologist in his own right. He observed in his book The Silent World that porpoises were able move in a specific direction by listening to the echoes of the sound waves from other sea creatures. The principle of echolocation was a feature in submarines and Cousteau was one of the first to suggest that cetaceans like porpoises had this capability. Cousteau realized that marine conservation was very important.

What are 3 famous ocean explorers?

one is jack Cousteau who invented the scuba tank

Jacques Cousteau was famous for exploring where?

he was exploring all over the world under water.

Did jacque cousteau scuba dive?

Jacques Cousteau was very famous in developing early diving technology. He invented equipment and did a lot of marine research especially into underwater habitats. He is famous not only as a diver but as a film maker and marine explorer.

What is jacque cousteau famous for exploring?

He Invented something and everyone noticed and so he became the most famous ever because of his invention. (:

What are Carl Sagan and Jacques Cousteau?

Carl Sagan was a famous American Astronomer and Jacques Cousteau was the co-developer of the aqua-lung and a famous French underwater explorer. Both were also very good publicists of their particular field of interest and both are now dead.

Where was Jacques Cousteau from?

Jacques Cousteau is from France .

What did Jacques Cousteau do for a living?

Jacques CousteauUndersea explorer and film maker probably the most famous in history, his television show " The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau " was one of the most popular shows of its time.He also discovered a new undiscovered lifeform, the Nautilus which he named his submarine after.

What is the sexual orientation of Phillippe Cousteau?

Phillippe Cousteau Sr was straight. So is Phillippe Cousteau Jr.

What disease did Jacques Cousteau have?

what illness did cousteau when he was a kid

What is Jacques Cousteau?

Jacques Cousteau was a famous French undersea explorer. He made many documentaries and co-invented the aqualung-otherwise known as the scuba. he was born on 11 June 1910 and died on 25 June 1997.

Where did Jacques Cousteau live?

Jacques Cousteau lived some where

When was Fabien Cousteau born?

Fabien Cousteau was born in 1967.

When did Philippe Cousteau die?

Philippe Cousteau died in 1979.

Who is Alexandra Cousteau?

Alexandra Cousteau (born 1976) is the granddaughter of world famous French explorer and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the daughter of his son Philippe. An environmentalist, she is the founder and president of Blue Legacy International, dedicated to advocating the importance of conservation and sustainable management of water resources in order to preserve a healthy planet.

What did Daniel cousteau for a living?

He was a lawyer, (father of Jacques-Yves Cousteau)

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