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Why is Jane Addams famous?

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she was the founder/creater of the Red Cross, co-founder of the Hull House,andshe had also won a noble piece prize winner as well

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What is Jane Addams famous for?

Jane Addams was famous for helping kids.establishing settlement houses and providing social services.

Why was Jane Addams famous?

social worker and humanitarian

What made Jane Addams famous?

The thing that made Jane Addams was her role in the women's suffrage movement. She was also involved in world peace and an author.

What is Jane Addams hobbies?

what was Jane Addams hobbies

What is Jane Addams middle name?

Lauren Jane Addams

What is Jane Addams full name?

Laura Jane Addams

What is Jane Addams real name?

Laura Jane Addams

Who was Jane Addams maried to?

jane addams was never married

Who were Jane Addams siblings?

The siblings of Jane Addams were Alice Addams and Mary Addams. Jane Addams is know for being a pioneer settlement social worker and for her work in the women's suffrage movement.

Who wrote about Jane Addams?

all people who wrote about Jane Addams

Is Jane Addams alive?

No, Jane Addams is not alive, but she was amazing while she was.

What state did Jane Addams live in?

Jane Addams lived in Illinois

Name two famous social workers?

Mary Richmond Jane Addams

What is the birth name of Jane Addams?

Jane Addams's birth name is Laura Jane Addams.

When was Jane Addams born?

Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860.

Who were Jane Addams brothers and sisters?

if you wre tailing about Jane Addams yes

Why did Jane Addams marry that man?

Jane Addams did not marry any man!

Who led the fight for abolition in the British parliament?

Jane Addams.

What did Jane Addams do for Illinois?

Jane Addams welcomed immigrants into the city of Chicago.

Who is the spouse of Jane Addams?

Mr. Addams

Was Jane Addams religious?

Jane Addams was not overtly religious. She held membership at a Presbyterian church in Chicago, however she most frequently attended a Unitarian one. Some of Addams' famous quotes are criticism of religion-based oppression of women.

Why did Jane Addams became famous for?

establishing settlement houses and providing social services.

What famous American woman promoted the settlement house movement in America?

Jane Addams

Can you write a sentence about Jane Addams in ten words?

Jane Addams struggled for democracy.

Why did Jane Addams die?

Jane Addams died of cancer on May 21, 1935.