Why is Japan so expensive?

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It's not.

A lot of the so called expensiveness in Japan is rating Japan by western standards. Rent is expensive if you judge it by price compared to space. However if you base it on average living conditions it's not so expensive.

And like a lot of places it depends where you shop.

The thing about Japan the varies so much from western countries is the cheap stuff isn't cheap quality.

Japan faced a huge economic disaster when the bubble economy burst. Businesses have had to face severe competition to stay afloat.

Second-hand goods are also very cheap as stereotypically Japanese society frowns upon second-hand goods.

Great emphasis is placed on reputation in Japan, things with a good reputation can be sold at a higher price. Things with a reputation are the famous things - therefore we know more about the expensive things.

Bread is less than around $1 for half a loaf - but bread is not a staple in Japan.

Bottled water is around $1.30 for 500ml in a 7/11. But around $1 - 1.50 for 2 litres in a supermarket.

A meal in a English menu restaurant is usually more than $30 per person, drinks can be more than $6 a glass.

In normal Japanese family restaurants its usually less than $30 for a couple, drinks included.

You can drink all you can drink any type of alcohol for 2 hours for around $20 in many Japanese bars.

500mls of beer will cost you around $4 in a bar, $2.50 in a 7/11 and less again in a supermarket.

These prices are based on a 100 yen = $1 ratio.

It all depends on how you look at it.

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Q: Why is Japan so expensive?
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