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== == == == == == Jason the robot is named Jason because "Jason" means to heal. Jason the robot was believed to heal millions.

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They named the submergable robot "JJ" what it is called because it is the abbreviation for Jason Jr.

Jason is a robot , I guess

Sarah Jane on Dr. Who had a robot dog named K9.

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Yes he has 2 kids named jason and mallory

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JJ short for Jason Junior, it was launched from the submersible Alvin.

it works by using robots to study the ocean

a submarine called Alvin and a robot called Jason Jr. or JJ

Yes Jason Castro is married to a girl named Mayhall

The "female" robot is named EVE, an acronym of Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator.

its named after him...jasonderulo

Yes, one of Jason Aldean's kids is named Keeley. His other kid is named Kendyl.

The green robot that represents Android is named "Andy."

Humanoid robot modelled after a real person named Bina.

the sattilite named Venera 3

The 'Dante' robot was named after the poet Dante Alighieri who had written the book 'Inferno' . The robot's descent into a volcanic crater was reminiscent of Dante's journey .~ See related link below .

Yes! She does, Jason is her older brother.

No. Jason Wade has one older sister named Jamie.

According to scientists, George Devol is recognized as the first inventor of the robot in which he named it Unimate in 1954. Eventually, Devol later sold his robot to General Motors in 1961.

Jason Aldean has two daughters, an 8 year old named Keeley and a 3 year old named Kendyl.