Why is Kenya a low economically developed country?

Kenya is a low ecenomically developed country because people are corrput because they are suffering in poverty because no major success or profit is made because facilities are very weak because... if tourism can bring in more money for Kenya the government can give more oppertunities to the local people and they themselves can provide them and their famillies more opertunities and a better comfort in life.

regardless of tourism lifting the economy still Kenya is poor because of the individualistic thinking whereby people thinking of enriching themselves rather than the country.I think Kenyans should stop having this mindset of the government coming to their rescue because realistically the people on top will not do such for they are benefiting from poverty in the country so why should they help you???. Kenyans should helping themselves by going and borrowing loans and starting up businesses and uplifting their living standards that's one way Kenya can develop.