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Because the communists were STOPPED at the 38th Parallel.

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How does the Korean war effect the now?

before the war, korea was divided; after the war, korea is still divided.

Is Korea still divided into North and South?

Yes it still is

How does the Korea war still affect us today?

The Korea war still affects us today. It affects us because our relationship with Korea is not a positive relationship. The Korea war also caused North Korea and South Korea to be at odds.

What country was divided into two countries following a war in 1953?

Korea was divided in 1945, and remained divided in 1953, and is still divided today. Vietnam was divided in 1954 at the end of the French Indochina War (aka: 1st Indochina War).

Is Korea communist today?

No just North Korea and South Korea is still non communist

What line of latitude divided Korea after world war 2?

North and South Korea were divided (and still are) by the 38th Parallel North.

Is there any country still divided into two countries?

Korea is divided into north (People's Democratic Republic of Korea) and south (Republic of Korea). Ireland is divided into the south (Republic of Ireland) and north (Northern Ireland - a British dependency).

Is South Korea still Democratic today?

South Korea has been demoratic since 1986.

Is noth and South Korea still fighting today?


Is Korea still split north and south today?


Does North Korea has a communist?

Yes it is a Communist country still today.

How long were US troops in Korea for Korean war?

there still there today

What was the outcome of the civil war in Korea?

Korea still remained a divided country, and it showed the United States that they were committed as a communist state. :)

Is society still divided by rank today?


What is the current makeup of the Korean peninsula today?

north korea still controls north of the 38th paralull and south korea still controls south of the 38th paralell

How is Korea still effected by the cold war?

There are still ice bergs trapped around the coast == == KOrea is divided into two countries; one comunist (north) and one democratic (south)

Where was Korea divided after the war?

south Korea and north Korea

Are there American troops in Korea today?

Yes, there are still around 24,000 American troops in Korea. They are mainly stationed around Seoul.

Which southeast Asian country is divided into a North and a South?

North and South KoreaKorea in divided into north and southNorth KoreaSouth Korea

When was Korea divided by the 38th parallel?

Korea was divided by the 38th parallel in the year 1945.

When was Korea divided into two separate nations?

After WWII Korea was divided at the 38 parallel.

Does Siam still exist today?

no it is now part of north korea * * * * * It is called Thailand.

Which line of latitude that divided North and South Korea?

Korea is divided along the 38th Parallel.

What are the names of the two states Korea is divided into?

North Korea and South Korea

Korea is divided into two states What are their names?

North Korea and South Korea.

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